Skybinder announces debut album, reveals details

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Skybinder is a metalcore act based in Athens, Greece formed in 2018. Artfully combining modern metal riffage with a more classical approach, the band proves their proficiency by fully assimilating their influences and then encapsulating the best components of the contemporary heavy sound, bringing to life a different element which was lacking from their local scene.

In the summer of 2018, Skybinder hit their guitarist, Antonis Makrogiannis', home studio to record their self-financed debut album. Antonis oversaw the production, mixing and mastering of the album and gave precious insight, resulting in a balanced outcome, where melody and ferocity seamlessly blend to create a robust and honest sound.

Today, Skybinder is proud to announce the upcoming release of the album, titled "Trauma And Trial", on July 20 2019. Streaming is available in this link.

Guitarist Simos Chalaris comments on the creation of the record; "Trauma And Trial deals with the process of of healing, from the moment one gets hurt to the moment when they can stand back up on their feet. Music-wise, it comes to fill a gap in our local music scene. We may not re-invent the wheel, but we certainly offer a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated genre".

"Trauma And Trial" tracklisting:

1.    Trauma/Trial
2.    Daggers
3.    Building Walls
4.    My Severance
5.    Deadweight
6.    Fathoms
7.    The Pretender
8.    Sea of Regrets
9.    Hollow
10.   Anchored
11.   Leap Of Faith
12.   Restless Toughts

Recently, Skybinder also released the first official single for the track "Fathoms", which can be found here. It is the fourth song in total to see the light of day, following "The Pretender", "My Severance" and "Deadweight" which all appear in "Trauma And Trial" re-recorded, sealing the band's path to growth.

While very active in their local scene, Skybinder has also shared the stage with international music titans such as Thy Art Is Murder, Oceans Ate Alaska and Pro-Pain.

Skybinder is Antonis Makrogiannis (Guitars), Simos Chalaris (Guitars), George Plaskasovitis (Vocals), Dimitris Lebesis (Bass) Tassos Kolios (Drums).

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