Review || Skybinder - "Trauma & Trial"

Skybinder break into the metalcore scene with one of the most intense debut albums the genre has seen in a long time in Greece, titled "Trauma And Trial". The 5-piece newcomer band from Athens self-released their very first full length studio album on July 20th 2019, almost a year after their foundation. The first taste of music we got from them were the three singles; "The Pretender", "My Severance" and "Deadweight" which all appear in "Trauma And Trial" re-recorded. Skybinder also released the first official and final-produced single for the track "Fathoms" in the middle of June.

The album's opening song, comes right out the gate with some atmospheric sounds before bursting into the first tasty breakdown. From the intro track, you should gather that the production on the record is excellent. Every element is noticeable and well-present in the mix. The following song "Daggers" is a banger of an opener. The band brings bright and massive guitar riffage. There's a noteworthy balance between modern feel and the previous-generation metalcore sound. The band delivers continuously breakdowns and a few heavy bass drops. This is well appreciated through a good pair of bassy headphones or a decent subwoofer. A particularly good example of this is the starting breakdown in "Anchors", which blends the rhythm of the stunning breakdown with the riffs of the lead guitar and the solid screams. The vocal performance is fantastic in its own right during the whole album and the lyrics are ferocious and emotional at the same time. The drumming is groovy and hard hitting as it should be and songs such as "Building Walls" and "Hollow" can show you what I mean. During the listening of the whole album you feel the influences of Parkway Drive, Breakdown Of Sanity, and even As I Lay Dying regularly.

My favorite song of this album in the 10th one called "Leap Of Faith". This is the most integrated installment and the highlight of the whole record for me personally. It starts with a atmospheric and melancholic guitar melody and transforms into a beast metalcore song that consists of aggressive blast beats, catchy chorus parts and killer breakdowns.

"Trauma And Trial" is, in short, an incredible piece of purposeful work and it shows talent and potential. It's safe to say Skybinder is a band to watch and I’m very interested to see where they go from here.

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