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Our festival pilgrimage is slowly reaching an end. As the second wave of correspondents starts mentally preparing for the complete and utter mayhem that Summer Breeze will be, we have once again comprised a list of 10 essential bands no festival goer should miss.

Shall we?

01. Soilwork

Sweden's finest released a spectacular album this year, titled "Verkligheten", proving why they still reign supreme. Whether you're a fan of their modern melody or feeling nostalgic of  their older ferocity, you have solid reasons not to skip their show.
WHEN: Wednesday August 14, 20:00-21:00
WHERE: T-stage

02. Bury Tomorrow

If you've been following this website for a while, you will have noticed that we have a very soft spot for Bury Tomorrow. Our every encounter so far has been a pure delight, as we are certain that Dani Winter-Bates and co. will keep once more security guards busy with constant flows of crowdsurfers.
WHEN: Saturday August 17, 14:45-15:45
WHERE: Main stage

03. Emperor

The revered Norwegian outfit will be headlining SB's main stage on the 16th, invoking dark spirits with their compelling artistry. Emperor has kept a loyal fan base throughout the years, even during their hiatus periods, and the warm reception of their performances proves why they are part of the pantheon of their genre.
WHEN: Friday August 16, 01:00-02:00
WHERE: Main stage

04. Kvelertak

We recently praised them and urged fans attending Wacken Open Air to go check Kvelertak out and this is exactly the case with Summer Breeze too. Their live energy is amazing and even if you don't want to participate to the fiesta but chill back with a beer instead, you will still have a good time.

WHEN: Thursday August 15, 17:05-18:05
WHERE: Main stage

05. Dust Bolt

The German thrash metal prodigy act was formed by teenage friends who wanted to play fast and loud music. Their hard work paid off, and Dust Bolt has participated in numerous festivals all over Europe, while also performing on prestigious tours. Oh, and they also dropped a dope album in January. With a youthful energy and badass stage attitude, they are a force to be reckoned with. Don't sleep on them.
WHEN: Friday August 16, 12:55-13:40
WHERE: T-stage

06. Get The Shot

The Canadians have rightfully earned their spot in our list. After catching them at Impericon festivals and witnessing the dynamics of their performance, it is safe to say the vocalist will eventually climb on the barricade, commanding people to crowdsurf as much as they can.
WHEN: Thursday August 15, 18:00-18:30
WHERE: Wera Tool Rebel stage

07. Van Canto

This group has been literally performing orally for years. You may think stripping songs of their instrumentation, turning them into choral arrangements and then only have one percussionist accompanying the members who sing the rhythm parts is easy. Oh no. Van Canto have mastered this art and will be proudly showcasing it.
WHEN: Saturday August 17, 13:50-14:35
WHERE: Main stage

08. Skalmold

What is a metal festival in Germany without folk metal bands? Impossible, we're telling ya. The Icelendic act is growing steadily on reputation as they prove they are as good as their well-established counterparts. Grab a horn and go dance!
WHEN: Saturday August 17, 14:20-15:05
WHERE: T-stage

09. Downfall Of Gaia

Where melody, heavy feelings and crushing guitars meet, Downfall Of Gaia shines bright. The post metal outfit blends many different idioms in their sound and manages to create a unique identity. Their slot as second-to-last act (before the equally respected Caspian) in one of the smaller stages is not coincidental; their music would lack a lot in broad daylight and on a very big stage.
WHEN: Thursday August 15, 23:30-00:15
WHERE: Wera Tool Rebel stage

Lionheart: Probably not what most attendants of such a big metal festival would expect but their performances are tight and always a pleasure to watch.
Leprous: A band that has brilliantly stood out in their genre; Einar Solberg is an amazing vocalist who can replicate his intricate vocals on stage as well as he would in the studio.
Loathe: The newcomer band that marries modern core elements to the distinct melodic patterns of Deftones. Worth your time and attention.
Of Mice & Men: The metalcore titans just announced the impending release of their new studio album later this year. If you're wondering who's keeping metalcore alive in 2019, we've got news for you.

10. Gaahls Wyrd

If there's one phrase to describe this band, it probably is "modern insight on a traditional setting". Gaahl, who rose to fame as the frontman of black metal legends Gorgoroth, has remained active in the extreme metal scene with this new project, which also recently released their critically acclaimed debut album. 
WHEN: Saturday August 17, 21:35-22:20
WHERE: Wera Tool Rebel stage

Summer Breeze is taking place on August 14-17 in Dinkelbuhl, Germany. For tickets and info, visit
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