Woes announce debut album, drop single

Woes are set to release their most ambitious effort to date in the form of their hotly-anticipated debut album "Awful Truth", which is due June 28th on UNFD. Pre-orders are available here

As a taster of what to expect the band drops new single and fan-favourite "Money Shoe" today, which sees Woes’ sound take flight, blurring the lines between pop punk, hip hop and R&B. “I think it’s the most honest and complete representation of what we want to sound like”, explains vocalist DJ. “It has elements of pop-punk, hip-hop, prog-metal, RnB and flows between them super naturally. The song is about being broke and wanting to use music to provide a better life for your loved ones. We approached with a perspective that matches up more closely with what you would expect from a rapper, rather than a pop-punk band, which gave us some real stand-out lyrics to go along with the music”.

"Money Shoe" follows previous single "Suburbs"; both tracks feature on Woes’ forthcoming debut album "Awful Truth", which produced by Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, WSTR, Roam) and debuts the addition of guitarist Luke Bovill to the band. 

“'Awful Truth' is a record about the realities of the progression of our band over the last 18 months”, explains DJ, “Going from some guys occasionally playing gigs and trying to practice every week. to playing a sold out show at Brixton, having people turned away from our Slam Dunk sets because they were full, touring the UK and Europe 5 times in a year".

"And it’s about the duality of that experience. So, on the one hand, we’re doing all these insane things, seeing all of our hard work start to pay off, meeting all these people that love our music. But on the other hand, we’re broke, it’s taking a huge toll on our relationships back home, having to take huge periods of time off work unpaid… Luke had to quit his job at one point, no savings, no real backup plan. And the record talks about both sides of the coin, we were lucky in a sense that we were writing and recording at the same time - it’s a real look into making your first record. The stress, the pressure, but then the moments of accomplishment that make it worthwhile”.
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