Review || Employed To Serve - "Eternal Forward Motion"

Employed To Serve will be releasing their new album, "Eternal Forward Motion", on May 10th via Spinefarm records. Ever since 2017's acclaimed "The Warmth Of A Dying Sun" saw the light of day, the band has indisputably made clear they are a force to be reckoned with. Their newest endeavor is as rapacious and aggressive as one would expect, without lacking the tempo twists and subtle embellishments.
If you liked TWOADS, you will love this album, trust me.

Employed To Serve continues to create in the metallic hardcore path that shaped their sound only this time, things are different. The band is angrier and more ruthless than ever, here to raise hell -and take the listener with them in the rampant journey. The title track of the album wastes no time as we are immediately greeted with facemelting riffs and sheer aggression, only to have a post(-ish) turn halfway through. It is noteworthy that the way the phrase "Eternal Forward Motion" is articulated, convinces me this is indeed the band's mission statement and they fully embrace it. How could they not? The last few years have seen Employed To Serve rising steadily towards the top of their scene. It would be easy to assume that they are playing safe in the confines of that sound, hoping that the current will keep moving them along but this is hardly the case. There is a genuine core to their music, a raw honesty if you may. In a time where selling frustration and anger to specific target groups seems to become the easy way to approach new crowds, the band takes their proven track record and forms a solid foundation for this album. Without repeating themselves, they showcase distinctive progression as they move one (more) step forward. I absolutely adore how bolder their songwriting becomes. On one hand, it's polished although not sterile, and on the other they become more open to experimentation -and it pays off. No track on the album is predictable or follows a norm. "Harsh Truth", for instance finds lead vocalist Justine Jones screaming her heart out over the sound of the drums, as her bandmates seem to step out of the spotlight for a short while. Her warrior scream is suddenly enhanced by an accompanying bass, which then escalates to a groovy af outburst with the band joining them with full force. The following track, "Sore Tooth Twin", is an instrumental gem, which has a more post hardcore vibe and seamlessly transitions into the intro of "Force Fed". 
Another thing I appreciate with this new generation of musicians is that they dismiss gender expectations and don't abide to the obsolete rule that sees female members on a pedestal, wearing sexy outfits and in kitten poses to sell more. The ladies in this genre are treated the same way as their male counterparts and offer a lot more than just their charming presence. Justine here is a force of nature; her vocal abilities unfold in a great range as she translates all her fury and angst into a roller coaster of relatability for the listener. There are times when she appears broken and fragile but not once does she lose her brutality or intensity. As she is surrounded by the unapologetic compositions, the neck-breaking drumwork and the tempestuous backing contributions of Sammy Urwin, she shines in exasperation, sounding almost otherworldly.

Frankly, this the album you'd want to be blasting on a Monday, on your way to work, or during an intense workout session. It is cheaper than therapy and yields the same results. Employed To Serve has an overwhelming surge of power. From the assailing character of the majority of the songs to the calmer, more melodic moments, no composition goes unnoticed. They all create α lasting impression to the listener and I can only imagine how captivating the live show must be. The quintet claimed their spot in the creme de la creme of the new generation of metallic hardcore and has rightfully earned it. One of the best albums to come out in 2019 and definitely high in my yearlist.

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