Live Coverage || Enslaved @ Fuzz Club (10/5/2019)

When Enslaved was announced to perform in Greece, my teenage self was ecstatic. Although they weren't a part of the first wave of black metal bands I came across, they always held a dear place in my heart, even when they experimented more than my untrained ears could -at the time- afford. 
This show would mark Enslaved's first visit to Athens and a special show like this could only have a special planning. Queue a two-hour long best-of setlist. We were off to a very good start.

Unfortunately due to a prior commitment, I had to miss openers Lucifer's Child but from what I heard upon arrival, their performance was splendid. 

Enslaved walked on stage under very loud cheers from the crowd and got straight to work. The Norwegian outfit wasn't lying when they promised a best-of setlist, as they tried to include at least one track from most fan favorite albums of their catalog (although I doubt anyone would complain about the band's preferential approach towards "Frost"...). I was amazed by how clear their sound was, allowing us to cherish every single little detail of the songs -the lights, on the other hand, not so much. The band looked very entertained with the warm reception they received (did I mention there were some timid crowdsurf attempts too?), especially as fans tried to guess the songs that would follow. One particular instance stands out, during the encore, where Kjetil Grutle was introducing the members of the band to the crowd and before he was able to word the name of the following song, someone yelled voice clear as a bell "ISA!!", to which a startled Grutle replied "are you seeing my setlist..?". 
Overall the idea of a band performing for 120' may have sounded intimidating at first but, judging by the usual length of their songs, the two hours went by in a blink of an eye. I left Fuzz club feeling content that I was finally able to see a band that I idolized that much in my teenage years and more importantly, that I got to immortalize their performance. I most certainly wish that they will return to Athens soon.

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell photography.

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