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 While this isn't technically part of our festival pilgrimage, we couldn't really resist the urge to create a list of suggested bands that Slam Dunk goers shouldn't miss. While the task was overwhelming with such a good billing spreading all day over nine stages, we aren't strangers to bridging clashes. So here you have it, 10 bands you shouldn't sleep on this coming weekend.

01. Anti-Flag

The Pennsylvania punk outfit is renowned for their dynamic performances, the excellent vocals of Justin Sane and Chris #2 and big, catchy choruses, while conveying important messages against war, bigotry and nationalism. Their career spans over almost three decades, proving that they got the recipe right. 

When: 12:45-13:25
Where: Punk In Drublic stage

02. Turnstile

One of the best up-and-coming bands the current hardcore scene has to offer. The members are adorkable, straying from stereotypical macho attitudes and most importantly, having fun with their craft. Still, they inspire big stagedives and circle pits. You don't want to sleep on them.

When: 14:10-14:50
Where: Impericon stage

03. The Word Alive

Change is the only constant, an old proverb says, and for The Word Alive, this is true. The band is exploring various aspects of the spectrum slowly growing out of the metalcore element but the fact still doesn't diminish the quality of their art. 

When: 14:50-15:30
Where: Jagermeister stage

04. Bad Religion

You saw that coming. One of the biggest and most influential bands in skate punk, and punk in general. As their career spans about 40 years, they are living proof that aging isn't standing in the way of energetic shows or writing hard-hitting social criticism. 

When: 19:25-20:25
Where: Punk In Drublic stage

05. Employed To Serve

With their forthcoming album, "Eternal Forward Motion", the band's magnum opus and mission statement, dropping soon, Employed To Serve will be cemented as one of the most talented acts of their generation. Their shows are known to be intense as well, as all members give 101% of their energy -and Justine Jones breaks the mold of oversexualized frontwomen being a prerequisite for a successful career.

When: 17:15-17:45
Where: Left Key stage

06. All Time Low 

This is the ultimate clash. Maryland's trailblazers All Time Low are headlining the Monster Energy stage at the same time that NOFX and Bullet For My Valentine will be shredding on different stages. While the choice wasn't easy, we are positive that All Time Low will be the perfect band to wind down to after a long day, preferably with a beer in hand.
When: 20:30-10:00
Where: Monster Energy stage

07. Touché Amoré

We can't be impartial when it comes to Touché Amoré. The band carries tons and tons of feeling with both the music and the hard-hitting lyrics, which mean a thousand different things to a thousand different people. Their performances are almost cathartic, like the absolution of an ancient Greek tragedy. 

When: 18:40-19:20
Where: Dickies stage

08. Millencolin

More skate punk for the masses. What can we say about Millencolin? The one of the seminal bands European punk rock and proof that the nordic countries have a tireless production of fine and diverse music.

When: 15:50-16:35 (Hatfield) / 17:00-17:45 (Leeds)
Where: Punk In Drublic stage


09. Silverstein

We have a soft spot for Canadian bands, what can we say. Silverstein may have  a brilliant career behind them, but it was "Discovering The Waterfront", packed with emo hymns, that made people aware of the quintet. Their energy is unparalleled and the constant crowdsurfers who are constantly singing along, are a testament to the high value of their performances.

When: 16:10-16:40
Where: Jagermeister stage

Honorable mentions:
Angel Du$t: high-octane music, energy on overdrive, moshpits and cvlt following are all guarantees for a fun time.
Trophy Eyes: A pop punk sensation, Trophy Eyes are one of the best up-and-coming bands of our days. 
The Bronx: Veterans in the LA punk rock scene (and a mariachi side project), The Bronx knows damn well how to get people pumped. 
Tigers Jaw: The Pennsylvania outfit has made a name for themselves with their touching pop rock sound -and the rise of Tumblr aesthetic. Regardless of the latter, they are a very interesting addition to the Dickies stage.

10. Boston Manor

The list wouldn't be complete with the British phenomenon. "Welcome To The Neighborhood" was a brilliant album, where the band further established their creative sound and were able to approach a wider audience.

When: 13:25-14:00
Where: Monster Energy stage

There you have it folks! Make sure to drink a beer for us while you're there and we'll see you on the official summer festival pilgrimage.

Slam Dunk is taking place on May 25th and 26th in Leeds (North) and Hatfield (South).
For info and tickets, visit

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