Live Coverage || Holy Hell tour @ Alcatraz, 30/1/2019

 A week ago, I saw again one of the biggest metal bands of the new -not that new generation since they aren’t a new band anymore, Architects at the city / country I used to live in 2017, Milan. 

Last time that I caught them, they were playing a “small” sold out at Ally Pally in London and I thought that was insane but last week was another level. I am referring to the concert, not sold out, since I was in Milan so it couldn’t be bigger than London.
This time the support band was Beartooth and Polaris, nice way to start the night in my opinion. Polaris is always a amazing band to see live and is one of that bands are in my daily playlist. I lost the first song but I can tell you that they are out of this world. Jamie was so thankful for being at the stage that night since they almost didn’t get there because I bus problem and half of the crew stayed back waiting for the bus. Crowd as singing all the songs -myself included of course, banging my head between clicks. When they were done the crowd are cheering “Polaris” a lot, earning big warm smiles from the Aussies. 
Second band was Beartooth and let’s be honest, they are genius. Was my first time seeing them live, I used to listen them a lot and singing with my friends in the car in all our trips. Beartooth is that kind of band you wanna sing and dance to with your friends and that made me wish all my friends were there. Everyone at the venue were singing song by song, screaming at the sing-alongs and having a grand time. 
The final and headliner band, even they are not my favorite band I must to say Architects are the kings. I’ve seen them a couple of times before and I was really looking forward to the big stage production and pyros. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case but that was still one of the most perfect productions for a show that I've ever seen -I bet say that they can only be compared to Parkway Drive's recent European runs.
Emotional, heavy, perfect, precision, angry. That’s the words which I describe Architects and this tour. You see and feel this, the energy between the band. The connection Sam can make between the stage and crowd, the crowd that I swear to you I never saw like that before, was insane. The kids were crowdsurfing so much that I thought I was in another country, they were singing along to all songs and the venue was almost full. When I was waking around to catch some shoots I saw a guy probably my dad's age singing EVERYTHING. That wouldn't come as a surprise, since in London I saw a couple of guys like that, but wasn't expecting it in Italy too. I loved it. 
"Holy Hell" is actually the best way to describe what they are doing. I’m glad I could register that night and being part of such amazing tour in a way. Looking forward for what Architects can do in a future tour, this is getting better and better.

All pictures courtesy of Georgia Bravo photography

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