Live Coverage || Holy Hell tour @ Haus Auensee, 2/2/2019

Architects are currently on the “Holy Hell” Tour to promote their latest album. They brought out Beartooth, a rock band from the US and Polaris, a metalcore band from Australia. I caught them play Haus Auensee in Leipzig. 

First up were Polaris, who I was very exited to see again. The first time I saw them live was at the  NSD! Tour in 2017 and back then I thought they were interesting but I didn’t pay them too much attention (which, in retrospect, I should have). Then I saw them play Impericon Festival in 2018 and I fell in love with their music. They bring so much energy and happiness with them on stage and I have to say that vocalist Jamie Hails’ smile lightens up every mood! They don’t only make great music but they also seem like genuine nice guys.  
After them, Beartooth hit the stage. I used to be a very big fan of them back in 2015/2016 and I haven’t seen them live since 2017. They sure changed a lot but I tried to keep an open mind. Their latest record “Disease” was good but not for me. I also noticed that even their old songs sound different live now. It was a good performance but I don’t think I would go to a headliner of them unless the support is up my alley. 
After a long change over Architects came on stage and the fans went wild. They put on a great show but unfortunately I only saw what happened for the first two songs while I was shooting. The venue was terrible in my opinion, unless you were standing in the front you couldn’t see anything. Big beams where in the way when you stood on the side and the balcony, which reached very far to the front, was in the way when you stood in the back. A lot of concert goers that night seemed to be upset about that just like me. Obviously this isn’t Architects fault and sound wise they sounded literally just like on the record which blew my mind. Apparently there were pyros and a confetti rain at the beginning of the last song of the set “Doomsday”. The setlist itself had a good variety of old and new sings which I really liked. After the show I saw many happy faces which tells me that the show was good and even tho I couldn’t see it I’m glad I went.

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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