Live Coverage || Nightstalker, Planet Of Zeus, Full House B.C. @ Piraeus Academy, 29/12/2018

The holiday season is all about traditions and Nightstalker has one of their own. The band has grown from their staple packed Christmas shows in small venues to epic sold out end-of-the-year shows in bigger rooms. For the second year in a row, the quartet was invited to headline Metal hammer's High Voltage Celebration at Piraeus Academy, along with Planet Of Zeus and Full House Brew Crew.

Upon arrival downtown, the queue was expanding over three blocks and, although doors were scheduled to be open, the admittance was very slow. Thankfully, things sped up quickly and I made it inside just on time for Full House B.C. and their groovy af metal. Although I had known of their name for many years, I never got to see them playing and  I honestly regret it. Their stage presence was on point; the band was headbanging  the whole time while their heavily American-influenced ballsy sound was the best warm-up for the evening.
The second Full House B.C. stepped off the stage, the crowd started chanting the good ol' motto for Planet Of Zeus. It wasn't long until the stoner powerhouse went on and had the crowd, which was very familiar with the setlist, go nuts. At that point the venue was packed and even exiting the photopit was painful since people wouldn't let us advance towards the back -enter horrible flashbacks from German summer festivals. The party went on for a while with the band seamlessly executing fan-favorite hits like "Macho Libre", "Leftovers" and "Vanity Suit".
Time had come for Nightstalker to get people off their feet. Despite some minor technical problems, the band was at the top of their game performing a very entertaining show. Songs like "Dead Rock Commandos", "The Dog that No-One Wanted" and "Baby God Is Dead" found fans in the front row stretching over the barricade while singing their hearts out while Nightstalker was spreading good vibes in the room. As always, the show finished with "Children Of The Sun" and the entire venue singing along every single word.
If there's one word to sum up my final show if the year, that would probably be "overwhelming"; a very intense show with very good bands. 

All pictures courtesy of Dearohwell Photography

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