Live Coverage || Caliban, Lionheart, Bad Omens @ Columbia Theatre, 13/12/2018

Last year I saw Caliban for the first time at the “Darkness over X-mas” Tour a couple days before new year. Now, on December 13th I had the chance to watch them again in Berlin at Columbia Theatre. They brought support by the amazing Bad Omens from California, who I’m personally a big fan of and who I was most exited to see again that night. But that’s not it, they also brought hardcore giants lionheart, who are also from California. 

The night started out with Bad Omens. The second they came on stage, people came closer and listened in interest. “The Hell I Overcame” and “Careful What You Wish For” are two of their new songs and they performed both songs amongst older ones from their self titled. Nick Folio, the drummer, did an phenomenal job in my opinion and really stood out while I listened in the back. Next up was Lionheart. It was my third time seeing them this year but this time I felt like they performed even better than usual. Fans seemed to agree because the whole room turned into a moshpit within seconds. Really great performance with jokes by the members which lightened up the mood even more.

Caliban started off with “Dein R3.ich” -I have no idea what the title means but it’s a good song, so that’s all that matters. Many many crowd surfers found their way to the barricades. Caliban performed a 14-song set. My personal favourite was “Paralyzed”. For one song Noah Sebastian, singer of Bad Omens, came on stage and perfomed for Andreas Doerner, singer of Caliban, while he went crowdsurfing. They definitely did everything right on this tour and I’m exited to see what’s coming in 2019.

All pictures courtesy of Michelle Ritzmann photography.

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