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No topic is safe from the acute eye of King Dude, TJ Cowgill’s fire-and-brimstone alter ego.  With the forthcoming "Music To Make War To", his seventh LP as King Dude, Cowgill will grapple with the foibles and follies of a life ravaged by combat. In anticipation of the album’s release, King Dude has released a video for “Velvet Rope,” a galloping siren song that finds the King Dude character searching for thrills in civilian life’s mundanities. Watch the video in full via Post-Punk today.

Made in collaboration with director Vlad Protsenko, the video for “Velvet Rope” was shot in Kiev, Ukraine, in a Soviet-era apartment. The video’s two main stars, King Dude and a nameless elderly woman, who waltz around the boundaries of a suffocating relationship with each other and within themselves. 

"I wanted to visit Kiev again after playing there last October for the first time,” Cowgill said of the video’s setting. “There’s a certain intangible energy to Ukraine and to the all the wonderful people that I've met there—they seem ecstatic to be alive, finally free from a corrupt government. It struck me as the perfect place to make a music video for a song on "Music To Make War To".” 

"Music To Make War To" follows up the sado-glamorama of 2016’s Sex, a pulsing foray into ‘80s rock. With his seventh LP, Cowgill explores the total realities of war, inspecting its collateral damage from every vantage point. The result is ten tracks oscillating between neo-folk battle cries and boots-to-the-ground rock anthems. 

"Music To Make War To" will be released to the world on August 24 via Ván Records and is available for pre-order here

"Music To Make War To" Track Listing 
1. Time To Go To War
2. Velvet Rope 
3. Good & Bad (feat. Josephine Olivia) 
4. I Don’t Write Love Songs Anymore 
5. Dead Before the Chorus 
6. Twin Brother of Jesus 
7. In The Garden 
8. The Castle 
9. Let It Burn 
10. God Like Me

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