Review || Lizzy Farrall - "All I Said Was Never Heard"

Lizzy Farrall’s debut EP, "All I Said Was Never Heard", was released on January 5th via Pure Noise records. Small disclaimer before we start: you need to be in a specific mood before immersing yourself in Lizzy’s music. The ideal setting would be a calm Sunday morning, enjoying a nice and warm cup of coffee, or a roadtrip with the windows rolled down –definitely not while being stuck in traffic.

Lizzy has a very expressive and modulated voice, which really peaked my interest. I find her melancholic timbre particularly interesting, as it seems to add a brittle note in the overall ambiance she creates. Furthermore, her heartfelt performance perfectly enhances the juxtaposition between the dreamy, and at times upbeat, music and her introspective lyrics, which are very open to interpretation. One thing is certain though. Her character appears broken, frail even, struggling with personal issues but she is not a victim; she remains in control, is aware of facts and situations, and tries to mend her wounds while knowing that her scars will remain as valuable lessons. I think what stands out the most is how the elegance of her voice amplifies the intensity of her words while carrying her not-so-concealed bitterness. I'm unable to pick just one favorite track, as they each fit a different mood and mindset, but I'm very happy this EP came my way as Lizzy's talent and potential is outstanding. Looking forward to her future works.
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