Suicide Silence create payable "roadie" bundle -and the Internet is having none of it

Suicide Silence, who is currently on tour celebrating 10 years of "The Cleansing", has launched a "roadie for a day" bundle. For $150, 7 fans per show can be "roadies", helping the band's crew load in, have a pre-show meal with the crew, mingle with the band during soundcheck and stand side stage while Suicide Silence is playing. Oh and get a "Suicrew" tee and a laminate. 

What Suicide Silence is offering is a VIP bundle under a different name. The deceiving motto "roadie for a day, lessons for a lifetime" conceals the fact that the band will be making up to a grand per show, clearly exploiting their fans' passion. Having inexperienced, most likely underage people paying to "work" as crew members is not the way to network and gain experience, quite the contrary actually. Let's be factual for a second; no promoter or venue will trust a person who, no matter how passionate they may be for this job, once payed an unreasonable amount of money to be disregarded by the crew while the band only showed up for soundcheck. It's one thing to see how the show is put together (as you would, say, in a VIP session including backstage passes as someone suggested) and another to be in the way while the actual crew needs to carry expensive equipment and set up everything in time. 

The responses to this post were punishing.

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