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The Sound Of Revolution 2017 was one for the books. The idea of attending the festival had been actively in our discussions since the original announcement and while some of us planned and booked the trip to Eindhoven shortly afterwards, others didn't book until September. Long story short, not only did two brave friends survive the festival, but also made it back safe and sound to report what they witnessed. Eleonora (*) was covering the festival for Unraveled while Aggelos (~), who also attended the warm-up, was part of the filming crew. Together they created an (almost) integral record of what went down at Klokgebouw.

Now remember, opinions on the same performances may vary.
One thing that we did hear a lot had to do with the lights and at times the sound on the Main (Revolution) stage, and we both can agree that some performances were lacking due to its height and the barricade.

Knuckledust had a stomping performance, earning some cheerful reactions despite the early slot. Unfortunately, they were victims of the big stage, as the absence of direct interaction with the crowd took away a lot of essential elements of their show. (6)*

Heavyweights Strength For A Reason invaded the True Spirit stage and despite the turnout and energy they had, the sound didn't do them justice. Kids however, didn't seem to mind and kept actively participating. (7)* ~

Wisdom In Chains had a fierce set. Tight and energetic from the very beginning, they also performed for the first time "Someday", from their recent split with Madball. (8)~

Hailing from Rotterdam, Hawser opened the Warzone stage. Their music isn't exactly my cup of tea but I should admit their stage presence was quite impressive. (7)*

Bishops Green is always a pleasure to watch. The Canadians brought their unparalleled energy and got their crowd to sing along and bounce from the very first song. (8)*

Slapshot had a best-of setlist and a very pleasant presence with the kids and the band feeding off of each other's energy. The only nuisance was the lights, which for the most part were on overdrive and all over the place, distracting us from actually paying attention the band. (7)* ~

Backtrack, on the other hand, had a mayhem going and people stagediving before they even started playing. The choice of a setlist consisting of their regular pit hits was highly successful, and had most people on the front singing along. (9)

Returning to the Revolution stage, No Turning Back were ready for total chaos. There's no doubt the Dutchies cemented even furter their reputation as a live band. The second half of the setlist was on fire, full of hymns. The band will be back on TSOR in 2018 celebrating a decade of "Stronger". (8)~
Bishops Green
No Warning is one of the bands that polarized our opinions. Apart from their excellent stage presence, the band was all for having a good time. The setlist revolved around their older material with a couple of references to the latest album, which the kids seemed to enjoy judging by the moshpit and the countless stagedives. (9)* Others will argue that, despite their energy. the band didn't live up to their expectations (6)~

Dog Eat Dog was a tasteful break from all the heaviness. The band turned the main stage into a big party, with the crowd in full participation. The fact that their vocalist ended up crowdsurfing on a guitar case, while their drummer took over the mic and the drummer of Cro-Mags got behind the drumkit, is a testament to how much fan the band themselves had. (9)~
No Warning

Caught a glimpse of Right Direction while waiting for an interview. Not as big of a party as Dog Eat Dog, but still a good party. (7)*

Stars And Stripes is known for their rare European shows. Their stage presence was very decent, but at a certain point it sounded like they played the same song over and over. (6)~

Cold World was a bloody dynamite. People going off in every direction, throwing around an inflatable life jacket and the vocalist stomping on stage, you get the idea. (8)*

Sick of It All held one of the top performances of the festival. Their energy emanated through the room fueling the fans who sang along to all the hymns, one after the other, and even formed a wall of death during "Scratch The Surface". They only played for 45' instead of a full hour but they filled the stage with their explosive presence. (9)~

Cro-Mags didn't even bother introducing themselves before unleashing complete and utter mayhem. The street spirit of the band, combined with the clean hardcore music had basically the entire room dancing and stagediving (we are pretty sure we also spotted a certain Greg Huff of Bishops Green diving and disappearing into the crowd). John Joseph didn't waste a lot of time talking apart from the occasional song introduction but chose to let his music do the job. Now here is where opinions diverge, as one will claim they were the best hardcore show of the day (10 ~) while the other shares a (sic) "unpopular opinion" that after SOIA, Cro-Mags was just OK (7 *).

Despite that minor disagreement, we both had a fantastic time.
Thank you, The Sound Of Revolution, see you next year!

All photos courtesy of Dearohwell Photography.
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