Live Review || In Hearts Wake, Gideon @ Nova Chmelnice (28/10/2017)

If you saw me after Impericon festival, you probably heard me raving about In Hearts Wake's performance, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I found myself in Prague to see them again at a club show.
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After Silent Screams withdrew from the tour, the local promoter held a contest for the opening slot. Winners Abyss, Watching Me got on stage playing what seemed like generic metalcore. Halfway through the first song they had warmed up and, although I hate admitting I was wrong, well... I was. The band spent the next 30' playing an impressive set, lost in the music, with the vocalist using his full singing range with some occasional screaming. (7.5)
Gideon, on the other hand, didn't live up to my expectations. The band felt monotonous and lacking passion, while the sound didn't do them justice. Frankly, I had a better time watching a couple of kids in the front doing stunts moshing. Judging by the "one-more-song" chants that followed their performance, I guess not many people shared my opinion. (6)
Time had finally come for the Aussies. Kicking off with "Passage", In Hearts Wake took the stage by storm. The feedback was immediate, as kids sang along to every word and didn't stop moving. And how could they stop, with the successful selection of songs celebrating the band's latest release, "Ark", and making bold references to the previous albums? Whether it was a banger ("Nomad") or a down-tempo composition ("Wildflower"), no song failed to create powerful emotions, from fights the band broke off to tears. If you are familiar with their shows, then you know that on "Survival" vocalist Jake Taylor likes to crowdsurf on something inflatable. In case you hadn't noticed, after the release of "Ark" the boat references became prominent. Enter the inflatable object of choice: a boat that would carry Taylor to the sound desk to take a flag, and then back to the stage. After a full hour, the band closed their rather sweaty performance with "Refuge" as the encore. Amazing. (9)

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