Expire announce decision to disband

It most certainly came out of the blue when Expire posted on their Facebook page the decision to call it quits. You can read the statement below:

Come Spring of next year, we’ll be putting the band to rest. There isn’t some huge explanation to give. To put it simply, we all decided that we would rather end it on our terms and when we want to, rather than fade off. We’ve never been the type to only play a few shows here and there or sit dormant for any amount of time. Expire started as a band that didn’t know how to slow down and that’s the way we’ll end it.
This band snowballed into something none of us planned for and before it’s done, we want to extend a very real thank you to anyone and everyone who had a part in it over the past 7 years. Writing this comes with a pretty insane feeling, but really; thanks for supporting us, it’s been fun.
Starting in September, we’ll begin to say our goodbyes. Not even going to pretend like we will make it to every single city that’s meant something to us, but we’ll sure as hell try. Below are the dates we have as of now. Our final U.S. tour will be next spring so expect that to be announced sometime in the next few months.
Obviously with all of this being said, With Regret will be our final album. We could toss in one of a thousand clichés about it but simply put, it’s the record we wanted to leave on.
We’ll see y’all this fall
Marcus, Kip, Josh and Zach

We had the chance to meet the band in a recent show and have a chat with them. They are definitely some of the nicest people we've come across over the years and we would like to wish them the very best in their future endeavors. 
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