Blog || 5 essential Stick To Your Guns tracks to prepare for their show

Stick To Your Guns is arguably one of the best live modern hardcore bands out there. As the show in Athens is approaching, how about we reminisce some favorite pit hits?

#5: The Crown
The second music video off of "Disobedient" was definitely the representative of the album. It did take a couple of listening sessions to fully grow on some of us, but this song proved to be an absolute winner.

#4: Bringing You Down
An undeniable successful combination of their trademark in-your-face sound and a catchy chorus that sticks in your head.

#3: Amber
Let's be honest here. Even the few of us who are still numb with "The Hope Division" as a whole, have been tempted to sing the harmonies of the chorus at one point or another. You have too, admit it! The lyrics alone hit home, as the band leaves no room for misinterpretation.

#2: We Still Believe
The most renown anthem off of "Diamond". The track itself is explosive, demonstrating what the band is about- and the acoustic version always finds a soft spot.

#1: Nothing You Can Do To Me
The final single to be released from "Disobedient" was the one to seal the band's evolution, sound-wise. A catchy song, with a melodic singalong and lyrics about self-empowerment. Do you really need more?!

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