Live Review || Warfuck, FaXe, The Millstone Grit, Tatanak, Shai Mouloud @ La Miroiterie (Paris) 29/03/2013

First of all, my dearest apologies in advance for the length of this review. As I didn't get to the squat in time, I lost Shai Mouloud and practically half the set of Tatanak. However, from what I heard, we had to do with a quite interesting grindcore sound. Short songs with a nerve and crusty outbreaks; rotten vocals, gripping rhythm and loud drumwork. The recipe is simple and does the job.
Up next was The Millstone Grit. A band more appealing to my taste, they started with some heavy-ass metal, passing to stoner to Motorhead-y (bass)lines. The vocalists, also assuming guitar and bass duties, marked the performance. They are definitely a band that I'll keep an eye on.
Time for ("War")FaXe. When they started playing, their vivid performance with the two vocalists strongly reminded me of the athenian noisemakers Delete The Mass, so it kinda felt at home. It was then that the kids started warming up and a moshpit formed -the first for the evening, if I'm not mistaken. The grind they presented had all the right ingredients, even though it failed to capture my full attention. My batteries were running out from the fatigue of the day, but the show, and our mission, were not done.
When Warfuck got on, I knew exactly what to expect: grindcore at its finest. 'Twas the second time I saw them, after their truly remarkable performance in Athens in December. The duo set up and from the first notes a moshpit expanded, rather bigger than the previous-one. The vocalist defied gravity, running on walls and jumping back to the ground. Their 30-minute performance (which was "too short", as people stated) ended with him crowdsurfing to the back of the squat.
After all the cold, time had come for me to head back home. As I walked, I realized I was pretty amused with that noisy evening. On the other hand, though, I kinda felt gutted for missing out the start and ended up with almost 3 ½  bands... Better luck to me next time, and I believe I'll manage to see most of them again soon.
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