Live Coverage || Kvelertak, Truckfighters, El Doom & the Born Electric @ Glazart (Paris) 15/3/2013

Friday night and the live-ing is easy. Busy morning in Paris, day of late arrivals... I knew something had to go wrong with my timing for the concert too. Guess what? I was right! When I finally got to Glazart, El Doom & the Born Electric were already up for 5-10'. I found them a very good match to the other bands playing that evening. The strong bass lines, the interesting solos and the tough (cowboy) attitude left me with a very good impression -even though the crowd wasn't that enthusiastic.
Time is passing, the next band is setting. A half naked guy walks on the stage with a guitar and starts playing. Shortly after, a drummer joins him. The kids are energized.The gasoline is spilt and the band lits the flame. My experience tells me that trying to motivate a french crowd can turn into a double edged sword. Luckily for Truckfighters, this wasn't the case. The more the band gets ludicrous, the more the kids get excited, screaming out, participating, clapping and partying along. They played a new song and closed their appearence with an  epic stagedive, giving a rendez-vous with the frenchies at Hellfest.
More people have arrived and gathered around the stage. An eager audience chanting Kvelertak's name with beers at hand. The lights go out, some heavily tattooed guys hit the stage and "Spring Fra Livet" blasts. From the very begining, the hype was obvious. All the songs I expected were played in this hour-long setlist. The energy of the band was astonishing, just like the feedback they had: singalongs, headbanging, constant crowdsurfing, utter madness. The vocalist admitted that this was the best show they had played in Paris so far. He even proved it by stagediving while singing. The band were sweating their asses off, enjoying every bit of the positive vibes in the room.
They ended their setlist with an encore of two songs. It was definitely one of the greatest concerts I've ever attended and I am pretty psyched on the way they managed to stimulate one of the toughest crowds I've ever been in. Well played, norsemen. Well played.
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