Nails Debut New Single, "Give Me The Painkiller"


With the impending release of NAILS’ long-awaited, 4th full-length album, "Every Bridge Burning", comes a new level of aggression. Today, the four-piece has revealed the 2nd single from the record, ‘Give Me The Painkiller’, a near 3-minute unrelenting blitzkrieg of unbridled, furious rage.

Set for release on August 30th from Nuclear Blast, "Every Bridge Burning" was produced by Kurt Ballou at God City Studio and is adorned with aptly diabolic artwork by Jef Whitehead. Their first record in 8 years features 10 tracks of unyielding, cataclysmic violence that can only be described as the sound of NAILS, as witnessed on the record’s opening track ‘Imposing Will.’

Stream the new single, ‘Give Me The Painkiller,’ now here.

Pre-order "Every Bridge Burning" here.


"Every Bridge Burning" Tracklist:

1. Imposing Will

2. Punishment Map

3. Every Bridge Burning

4. Give Me The Painkiller

5. Lacking The Ability To Process Empathy

6. Trapped

7. Made Up In Your Mind

8. Dehumanized

9. I Can’t Turn It Off

10. No More Rivers To Cross

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