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 Hi friends and welcome to festival pilgrimage, season 6 episode 2. This time we're tackling Copenhell, a newcomer festival in our lists, and hands down with one of the most impressive lineups this summer. If you're new here, this series aims to help festival goers navigate the often complicated and clashing festival running orders, by suggesting 10 bands that they shouldn't miss. So let's get to it.

Credit: Peterson Marti

01. Harm's Way

Kicking this off with the hardcore heavyweights feels like a good idea. Harm's Way are phenomenal on stage, bringing a raw mix of passion, groovy riffs and intensity, guaranteed to make even non-hardcore fans headbang. 

When: Friday 21/6, 19:45
Where: Pandaemonium stage

02. Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu are dropping a new album, "The Return Of Tomorrow", in June so this calls for a celebration. You may not know that the acclaimed "ultimate feelgood band" originally formed as a hardcore punk band in the 80s, eventually shifting into their signature distortion-driven, stoner-leaning rock n roll, which helped them reach legendary status. Their prolific career is full of anthems, but let us be a little cheesy with our selection.

When: Saturday 22/6, 14:45
Where: Pandaemonium stage

03. The Offspring

There's not much to say about The Offspring. Their tunes have raised three generations of music fans and the band still seems to fly the flag for teenage rebellion. Whether you outgrew the band or you still follow them devoutly, nostalgia is gonna kick in as soon as the first notes of "Come Out And Play" resound. Definitely not a show to be overlooked!

When: Wednesday 19/6, 18:30
Where: Helviti stage

04. Cradle of Filth

Another band we never fail to catch at festivals. Their impeccable theatricality and chilling melodic elements have stablished Cradle Of Filth as one of the most eye-catching bands of the last couple of decades. Granted, their gory and revolting imagery may have been upsetting to some but all's fair in love and poetry, right? And poetry is where CoF mainman Dani Filth shines.

When: Thursday 20/6, 19:45
Where: Pandaemonium stage

05. Tool

Do we really need to justify seeing one best, most talented and absolutely influential metal bands to have ever existed?

When: Saturday 22/6, 21:30
Where: Helviti stage

06. 1349

The cold Scandinavian breeze will flow over Copenhell, carrying the dark dissonance of 1349. The black metallers are known for their ominous ambience and imposing stage presence -plus drummer Frost (of Satyricon fame) is a beast behind the drumkit. What better way to finish the first day, than world-class misanthropy blasting from the PA?

When: Wednesday 19/6, 23:00
Where: Pandaemonium stage

07. Dropkick Murphys

There's really not much to say about DKM as their reputation precedes the band, from popular hits like "Rose Tattoo" and "Shipping Up To Boston", to threatening to beat up fascists in a park. The Bostonians are veterans in the Celtic punk genre, having influenced generations of aspiring musicians. And you know a band is actually good at what they're doing when they lose one vocalist and it doesn't affect the overall outcome. Are you sure you want to sleep on this party?

When: Friday 21/6, 18:30
Where: Helviti stage

08. Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale was seemingly catapulted to fame. In just 4 years they played over 700 shows, sharing the stage with music titans like Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson and captivating thousands of followers. This electrifying trio has crafted a unique, adrenaline-fueled combination of brit-rock and art-punk is catchy AF and their performances are truly fascinating.

When: Wednesday 19/6, 17:30
Where: Pandaemonium stage

09. Chelsea Wolfe

The remarkable Chelsea Wolfe is known for her spine-chilling, expressive singing. The musician has evolved and expanded her sound over the years, always maintaining ha dark core in her craft. Her recent album, "She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She", received critical praise and further solidified her unique genre-bending art. You'll probably be tired but trust us, you don't sleep on this.

When: Friday 21/6, 23:15
Where: Pandaemonium stage

Hatebreed: We may have favorited other hardcore bands in this listing but we will always have a very soft spot and respect for the band that started it all.
Steel Panther: There's no way to skip the biggest party metal band in the world. Wonderfully vain, mildly lewd, and most importantly FUN, five minutes into their set you'll find yourselves with a beer in hand, dancing with strangers. 
Tom Morello: Best known as the Rage Against The Machine guitarist who flashes antifascist slogans in the back of his guitar, Tom Morello has an impressive career. Having collaborated with some of the biggest names in rock and metal, from Babymetal to Måneskin to Bring Me The Horizon, Morello proves that his playing is timeless.

10. ZULU

Whether you spell it "Black Powerviolence" or "Black Power Violence", Zulu is one of the most promising bands in the American hardcore scene. Having already experienced their friendly violent fun show last summer, 10/10 would recommend. Drawing inspiration from and honoring their cultural roots, their love for hardcore and passion on stage -something that you rarely see in "professional" bands anymore, makes them one of the best live acts in their scene.
When: Thursday 20/6, 18:30
Where: Gehenna stage

Copenhell takes place on June 19-22 2024.
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