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Rejoice friends! A brand new installment of the festival pilgrimage is here. On the third episode for this season, we are preparing to visit Vainstream Rockfest so what better way to set our own schedule, than to prepare this list? This year the festival returns as a two-day edition, with the first day being part of Parkway Drive's festival project, "Parkwaves". For anyone new here, this is a series where we help overwhelmed festival goers decide which bands they shouldn't miss, and overall navigate the oftentimes clashing festival running orders. Shall we?

01. The Iron Roses 

A very obvious choice here because The Iron Roses are equally fierce as they are fabulous. Born from the very fortunate meeting of the punk rock kid and the theater kid, the band's strong political stances and opinions on social injustices are highlighted through poignant lyrics and the occasional screaming for change (pun intended). Their punk rock is fun and the band themselves won't hesitate to join the crowd while performing.
When: Friday, 14:50-15:30
Where: MoreCore stage

02. Thy Art Is Murder

The Australians have been through quite the turmoil recently but they are back and stronger than ever. Thy Art Is Murder released a brilliant album last year, and the band's new vocalist is a beast. Anyone who's witnessed the craftmanship of TAIM at least once can vouch about the quality of their performances, even under the scorching sun.
When: Friday, 16:40-17:25
Where: Redrum stage

03. The Rumjacks 

Another obvious choice. We will never exclude The Rumjacks from our lists simply because they are one of the most entertaining bands out there. Granted, they may not fit the billing perfectly sound-wise, but their celtic punk rock is full of captivating melodies and we are certain that their second time at Vainstream will be one for the books.

When: Saturday, 12:25-13:00
Where: MoreCore stage

04. Better Lovers 

The American supergroup dropped a brilliant EP last year. Before unleashing their debut album to the world, they will be making their way to Europe for a string of shows and special festival appearances. The noisemakers will be appearing for the first time at Vainstream so keep an eye out.

When: Saturday, 19:00-19:40
Where: Green Hell stage

05. Ice Nine Kills 

Our favorite horrorcore masters will be performing at Vainstream for the very first time on Saturday and we need to warn you off the bat; it's camp, it's gruesome, it's fun. Their hooks are big and contagious, their breakdowns are heavy af and their stage show is phenomenal, even when vocalist Spencer Charnas is stabbing people on stage. Definitely don't miss this freakshow.

When: Saturday, 17:40-18:25
Where: EMP stage

06. Parkway Drive

It would be impossible to leave the band, thanks to which we get another festival day, out of our list. But even on a normal setting, dismissing Parkway Drive's explosive show would be a sacrilege. The Aussies have built an impressive stage production over the past years, establishing themselves as one of the most sought-after acts for big stages. Plus their setlists always keep an excellent balance between new and nostalgic older material.

When: Friday,  21;15-23:30
Where: EMP stage

07. Incendiary 

The true headliners of the first day, Incendiary, are a legendary hardcore band. One spin of their iconic "Thousand Mile Stare" album will paint you a very vivid image of what to expect: stage raids, stagedives, sweaty moshpits and a little crowdkilling. Their European shows are scarce so make sure to stick around, you won't be disappointed.

When: Friday, 22:45-23:35
Where: Green Hell stage

08. Bane 

We were genuinely heartbroken when Bane disbanded. A few years later, and prompted by a reunion benefit show, our favorite Bostonians decided to live by their infamous song and start again, and we are more than happy to have them back. Dust off your hats and warm up your throats, because the emotional, out of key singalongs are definitely happening.

When: Friday, 17:15-18:00
Where: MoreCore stage

09. Counterparts 

Our soft spot for these Canadians is well-known. From Brendan Murphy's dark, relatable poetry to the engulfing guitarwork, Counterparts' music is close to a religious experience. Granted, playing under the sun is not exactly ideal for all this brooding ambience but we're quite certain that the band will push through.

When: Saturday, 13:00-13:35
Where: Redrum stage

The OG metalcore band. Atreyu has been an indispensable part of every metalcore fan's formative years. Let's be factual, the genre wouldn't be the same without their contribution.
Scowl: Their DGAF attitude and in-your-face hardcore punk made them stand out from their peers in the new generation of hardcore bands. Electrifying shows and a vocalist who is a force of nature.
Erra: One of the most prominent metalcore bands of our days. The members are insanely talented and keep reinventing their sound without losing their distinct identity.

10. Donots 

These veteran punks are no strangers to the festival. Their upbeat punk rock will be the perfect way to end this year's Vainstream, with drunken singalongs, crowdsurfers keeping security busy, and a truly memorable performance. 

When: Saturday, 20:20-21:15
Where: Redrum stage

Vainstream Rockfest is taking place on June 28-29 in Münster, Germany.
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