Acres Share Video For New Single, "Lost"

 UK band ACRES, who signed to Solid State/Tooth & Nail Records earlier this year, have dropped a brand new single, titled "Lost". The track was produced by The Plot in You's Landon Tewers.

"'Lost' is possibly one of my favorite Acres songs we've written to date, it came so naturally and the song almost wrote itself," says vocalist Ben Lumber. "A close friend of mine recently went through a tough breakup and he told me, 'One day you can have everything you have ever wanted, and the next day, it's gone,' and that's what I wrote this song about. We've all had shitty relationships, and when you feel so secure and safe with someone, it can all of a sudden disappear, leaving you feeling lost and vulnerable with no clue where to turn or what to even do."

Stream/download here.

Earlier this year, the band shared video for the new single "A Different Shade Of Misery," which was also produced by Tewers. The song mixes equal parts brutality and melody, making for quite a thrilling listen.

Following the success of 2019's "Lonely World", a record that harnessed melody and melancholy, Acres found themselves playing the biggest shows of their career so far and achieving things they had only previously dreamt about. But when the world around them suddenly felt so uncertain, they had a choice to make of what they should do next. Instead of rushing out with something that they didn't fully believe, they locked themselves away and painstakingly created something that not only represented where they had been but also where they wanted to end up. The result was "Burning Throne", a perfectly crafted account of what it means to stare into your own oblivion and learn about who you really are from it.

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