Julie Christmas reveals new single, "Thin Skin"


JULIE CHRISTMAS has released "Thin Skin", a second single from her new album Ridiculous and Full of Blood. The album is set for release on June 14th via RED CRK. 

Following the sweetly anthemic previous single "Supernatural", new track "Thin Skin" is a tempestuous thrillride where Christmas unleashes her signature ferocious, chest-caving roars.

Julie comments: "Broadway Showcore, anyone? When we write, usually the kick off comes from 1 or 2 off us. Chris Enriquez (Spotlights) and John LaMacchia (Candiria) kicked this one off, and Johannes (Cult of Luna) jumped right on it. Get this in your ears and try to do anything slow or relaxed, you won't be able to. The only way for Andrew, Tom and I to answer on this one was to go over the top and in unexpected directions. It’s a little Nu Metal, a little punk, a little bit Broadway showtunes and a lot of stupid, nasty and FUN. In Thin Skin we visit our deranged, shout-y roots, where the rage is covered with giggles and the lights are a little too bright. Get it!"

"Thin Skin" on YouTube: 

Other streaming options are available here.

By the time Julie Christmas released her debut solo album The Bad Wife in 2010, the Brooklyn visionary was already one of the most lauded voices in alternative music. Her piercing pipes, as previously heard in noise rockers Made Out of Babies and post-metal supergroup Battle of Mice, earned critical acclaim. Then, that goodwill was consolidated by her first standalone statement and now she returns with album two.

Ridiculous and Full of Blood, a heart-on-sleeve chapter-by-chapter storybook of the conflicting elements of her own character, is the most comprehensive declaration of this musician’s talents yet, spanning from alt-pop to post-metal with a staggering array of talent onboard. Guitarist/ vocalist Johannes Persson (Cult of Luna), drummer Chris Enriquez (Spotlights), bassist/ producer Andrew Schneider (Kenmode/Unsane), guitarist John LaMacchia (Candiria) and keyboardist extraordinaire Tom Tierney were all paramount in bringing these new, genre-smashing tunes to life.

Although Christmas took 14 years to make a full-length follow-up to The Bad Wife, there’s no doubting that this successor is more than worth the wait. Its impossible-to-pigeonhole songs are destined to not only reinforce the love fans already have for this peerless creative; they’ll certainly win over countless newcomers, as well.

“I want people to hear the sad heroine, vile villains, dreamy characters at play, squalor, madness, longing, challenge, triumph, beauty, and love” Christmas says of Ridiculous and Full of Blood. “This story is a little different, it isn't all fairytale. It speaks to how human nature defies categorisation. The kindest person commits immeasurable acts of cruelty, the monster loves their friend. We are all like that.”

The words all communicate their core personality’s worldview, extending from thoughts as small as her fascination with birds, to opinions on grand topics like religion and warfare. Even the album’s title was penned as a tongue-in-cheek description of how Christmas views herself.

“I’m not evolved enough as a human to hide the way I feel. It’s all in there. Music is the place to put it all so you don’t explode. If you are throwing yourself into life it can and should get wild!” she explains.

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