The Ghost Inside share new lyric video, "Split"


The Ghost Inside, a fixture in the metalcore scene since 2008, recently announced their sixth album, Searching For Solace, which paints a complete picture between the band's past, present and future, and a sonic translation of their darkest and brightest points The record will be released digitally via Epitaph on April 19th, the physical versions will follow at the beginning of June!

The Ghost Inside unveil their new single "Split", which describes threatening feelings of paranoia brought on by deteriorating mental health.

The band explains: "Split" is about the times when your world is falling apart and you're trapped in your own head. With a dark fantasy that makes you question reality and sends you heading straight for your breaking point."

Check out the visualizer for “Split” below:

Four years after their self-titled album was named one of the best rock and metal albums of 2020 by various specialist magazines, the follow-up "Searching For Solace" comes at an optimal time in the life of The Ghost Inside. Nine years after the horrific bus accident that forever changed the band members' lives, singer Jonathan Vigil, guitarists Zach Johnson and Chris Davis, bassist Jim Riley and drummer Andrew Tkaczyk have learned a good bit of truth about rest. As the axiom says, "It's the journey, not the destination" - a theme that runs like a common thread through the band's dynamic sixth album.

“People always ask me how I stay positive,” Vigil muses. "I realize now that there is never really a time when you reach the point where you are 'happy'. It is a constant journey. I know that life is made up of hills and valleys. You have to be ready "To get involved in new things, to stand up for yourself and to adapt. Because the goal posts are moving further and further away. The search for comfort never ends."

"Searching For Solace" combines the skills of metalcore with the urgency of punk and was produced by Dan Braunstein (Spiritbox, Dayseeker), who is responsible for the majority of the album. Additional tracks were produced by Cody Quistad (Wage War), Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (August Burns Red, Bloodywood). Bridging the gap between more aggressive sounds and thoughtful messages, the album features the most fundamental elements of The Ghost Inside: honesty, vulnerability, the message and the melody. Not afraid to address darker themes and traverse expanded soundscapes, "Searching for Solace" fits in as an integral part of The Ghost Inside's discography.

"There are more vocals and song structures than on the previous album, but there are also some of the heaviest songs we've ever done," explains Riley (bass). "We really know who we are and we're also comfortable going into the future. This is a new chapter, but it's not separate from what the band sounded like before. It's more of an extension of that . We are absolutely thrilled with the result.”

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