Necrotted released music video for "My Reign Come, My Will Be Done"

 The southern German death-lead-commando NECROTTED just released a new music video for the song "My Reign Come, My Will Be Done", taken from the current studio album "Imperium", which was released in September 2023  via Reaper Entertainment & Blood Blast.

The video can be seen here: 

The band comments:

"In the last months and years surrounding the creation of our current album 'Imperium', we were able to play many heavy shows, experience wonderful moments and have the time of our lives. Words can hardly describe the experience, (moving) pictures can do it better. That's why we released a new music video for our song 'My Reign Come, My Will Be Done', which contains live scenes from various concerts and festivals we played throughout the last two years and road and backstage footage from our trips and tours as well. The song is of course taken from our fifth LP 'Imperium', which was released last year on September 22nd."

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