ten56. Reveal New Single/Video, "Good Morning"


In the wake of their meteoric rise within the metal scene, ten56. delivers yet another powerful evidence to their creative journey with the release of their new single and accompanying video, "Good Morning". This latest offering from the band not only cements their status as one of the most forward-thinking and emotionally charged acts in today's landscape but also serves as a bridge to their upcoming tours across Australia, Japan, and several prestigious festivals.

"Good Morning" encapsulates the band's relentless pursuit of musical innovation and emotional expression. The track is a dynamic exploration of the human psyche, delving into themes of despair, introspection, and the quest for salvation amidst chaos. With its aggressive soundscapes and punishing rhythms, the single is a bold declaration of the band's refusal to conform to the boundaries of genre and a reminder of their commitment to pushing the emotional envelope.

"Good Morning" is also a tribute to the loyal supporters who have embraced ten56.'s unique sound and vision. 

The band shares: “‘Good Morning’ for ten56. is a statement, our way of letting the world know that no, we are not done with experimentation, we’re not yet finished pushing boundaries nor bending musical genders; we are however here to plant our flag as one of the most aggressive, punishing, and emotionally relatable act to surface in recent years. This track is a thank you to those who have embraced our sound and style, and who are waiting to see just how far we are willing to push the emotional rollercoaster. If you or somebody close to you is suffering, seek to speak out, or to be the person to potentially save a life.”

Stream the new single "Good Morning" here


Following the widespread acclaim of their debut album "Downer," ten56. has expanded their musical horizons and global footprint, performing two hundred shows across four continents. Their music, characterized by layers of sadness, anger, helplessness, and yet interspersed with moments of positive emotion and relatability, continues to resonate with a growing family of fans worldwide, earning them a place as one of the most innovative acts of the decade.

Upcoming tour dates:

22.02. Australia, Sydney: Factory Theater

23.02. Australia, Newcastle: Newcastle Hotel

24.02. Australia, Brisbane: Cvlt Fest

Feb 27 Japan, Graf at Fukuoka city 

Feb 28 Japan, CRAPPER at Osaka city 

Feb 29 Japan, Zion at Aichi city 

March 3 Japan, GARRET at Tokyo

13-15.04. Finland, MeriHelvetti Cruise

April 18th - May 5th: Hellfest Warmup Tour (FR/CH)

11.05. France, Glomel: Kreizh y Fest

25.05. France, Sidero Metal Fest (Châteaurenard, FR)

31.05. Germany, Moshcity Berlin, AstraKulturhaus

02.06. Germany, Dresden, Park Hotel w/Crystal Lake

05.06. Poland, Gdansk, Mystic Festival

19-21.07. USA, Colombus OH, Inkcarceration Festival

07-19.08. Czech Republic, Fortress Josefov: Brutal Assault 

14-17.08. Germany, Dinkelsbuhl: Summer breeze Open Air

13.09. France, Crest, Bridge to Hell Festival


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