Boundaries return with new single


Boundaries, the Connecticut-based band hailed as “a new standard-bearer” for metal-infused hardcore by New Noise and recognized as a group “bursting with potential” by Metal Injection, return with their highly-anticipated new album, "Death Is Little More" (pre-order here), on March 29 via 3DOT Recordings.

The band previews the 12-song album with today’s release of “Easily Erased” and its Errick Easterday-directed video for the song.

“Death Is Little More is the culmination of our efforts at their deepest and darkest”, shares Matt McDougal, vocalist and lyricist for the band. “We wanted to create something that embraces, frightens, and calls the listener to action. It’s one part diary, and one part doomsday.”

McDougal also sheds light on the inspiration for the album title, the 14th century poem “Inferno, Canto I”: “Dante mentions dying would be barely any worse than living in a bitter black forest of existence. an idea I took and largely applied to the record thematically. Death Is Little More is about life at its most difficult. You’re not going to end your life, but you’re so stressed and overwhelmed that your life ending would feel like just another incident on the list. The concept stuck with me..”


Produced, mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator Randy LeBoeuf (Gideon, The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan), the album also includes several guest appearances including Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan), Lochie Keogh (Alpha Wolf), and Marcus Vik (Invent Animate).

"Death Is Little More" pre-orders are available now, with the album available on several, limited-edition vinyl variants, CD and digitally.

In April 2024, Boundaries will be on tour around Europe supporting Spite. See all dates below.

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