Trash Boat Unveil All New Track, “Liar Liar”


Trash Boat is blessing fans with one more epic single before the year’s end. The UK rockers released an all new single, “Liar Liar”, on Nov. 30, a track aimed at the dismay of modern media and cheap attempts at virality. Following the release of the single, the band is set to share the stage with Don Broco throughout late November and into December. “Liar Liar” follows the band’s early 2023 single, “Delusions of Grandeur”.

Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan shares of the track: “The song is an unloading of frustration surrounding modern ‘podcast bro’ culture. Every team of morons talking about body count, sexual value, drop shipping, 3am wake up routines and generally anything jarring and useless from people desperately trying to be relevant and controversial to get views. People that talk in a completely ham fisted way about things they know nothing about or just generally woke or anti woke things to maximise their ability to create an engaging thumbnail and video title.”

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