Inferno Metal Festival Norway Reveals Daily Lineups & Tattoo Fair


Inferno Metal Festival Norway has revealed the highly-anticipated daily schedule for its stacked 2023 lineup, which features just over 50 bands! The massive event will take place in the heart of Oslo, Norway at the Rockefeller, John Dee venue during Easter weekend from April 6-9, 2023. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, April 6:

Emperor, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Djevel, Mork, Nekromantheon, Nervosa, Mutilated Tyrant, 1914, Stormruler, Ingested

Friday, April 7:

Amorphis, Godflesh, Wolves In The throne Room, Odium, Harakiri for the Sky, Masacre, Lili Refrain, Darvaza, Dordeduh, Hulder, Beaten To Death, Omnia Moritur

Saturday, April 8:

Watain, Nile, Arcturus, Sakis Tolis, Vemod, Gaerea, Svalbard, Dold Vorde Ens Navn, Dwaal, Wayfarer, Nadir, Blodhemn, Tilintetgjort, Welcome To Hell

Sunday, April 9:

Elder, Abbath, Unleashed, Uada, Crowbar, Urgehal, Vredehammer, Fleshmeadow, Afsky, Octohawk, Ottone Pesante, Filthdigger, Ruun

A detailed schedule with set times and stages can be found HERE.

Tickets can be found HERE.

Hotel info can be found below!

Moreover, the festival is also now revealing the lineup for its infamous tattoo fair, which has been a part of Inferno Metal Festival for years! Dozens of highly revered artists will be taking a stand in the left wing of the main venue, Rockefeller Music Hall. This year’s lineup won’t disappoint: this strong group of international award-winning artists will be happy to visualize your creative ideas in a form of safe, beautiful, custom-made tattoos. The full lineup of artists is as follows:

Micky Benavides

Clod the Ripper

Benjamin Moss

Sefi Munoz

Sara Iuso

Carmen Pg

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen

Maria Virros

Madeleine Fleming

Henrik Wiman

Christian Cribbe

Barbora Sharuzen

Mark Weatherhead

In addition to celebrating heavy metal in the birth country of Norwegian black metal, Inferno Metal Festival also offers festival attendees a chance to embrace Norwegian culture. This year, metalheads traveling to Oslo are in for a very special treat as there will be a very special exhibition about Norwegian black metal at the National Library of Norway, which opens in April 2023 in conjunction with Inferno Metal Festival.

The new exhibition investigates the dark and chaotic feelings of Norwegian black metal. Drawing from the library’s rich collection, the exhibition references ancient Norwegian cultural history and shows black metal as a music form with a distinct artistic expression The exhibition conveys how Norwegian black metal has had an impact far beyond Norwegian borders with a vast number of international followers.

The National Library of Norway invites fans and other lovers of music and cultural history to dig deep and explore Norwegian black metal as a music genre and a cultural phenomenon. There will be guided tours every day of the festival week.

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