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Athens-based post black metal outfit Euphrosyne release their debut EP, "Keres", on November 25 2022. The EP follows the release of independent singles over the past year and sees the band ready to take over their scene. "Keres" consists of 7 tracks and with a running time of approximately 29', Euphrosyne manages to thoroughly present their vision and reveal an astonishing level of musicianship. But let's take it from the top.

Opener "Black Opal" weaves a tapestry of unexpected sounds, in no way preparing the listener for what is about to be unleashed upon them. The warm guitar lays the foundation over which a saxophone takes the lead, artfully creating  an immersive feeling in just under two minutes, where one feels safe to surrender to the instrumental haven. The transition to "Pale Days" bulldozes the soundscape, introducing a grand yet menacing dissonance. The instrumentation builds on a mostly mid-tempo base, enrobed in a symphonic gown that beautifully enhances the intensity of the electric instruments, while Efi Eva's familiar screams dominate the canvas. The layered vocals on the bridge introduce a tempo change that fully elevates the track. The most recent single, "When My Fears Conquered All", feels more straightforward and in a way more stripped of the luscious motif we previously saw. In all its terse glory, the track pays homage to the bands that inspired the riffs. The clean singing in the chorus introduces a contrast with the ongoing pummeling that underpins them, and once more towards the end the pattern changes towards a sludgier tone. The grit gives way to the lead guitar that ties everything together.

The single that follows, "Sister Of Violence", was the forerunner for the EP, amassing positive reviews. This is a personal favorite on the EP, and deals with the emotions deriving from abandonment. The chagrined delivery is overwhelming, as the battering composition floors the listener. While the pummeling drums and sturdy bass setting the stage, the unraveling of emotion flows expertly through the guitars. The tone at first feels distant, gradually building up to a post-metal break, and from then on the tables turn. The coldness gives way to fervour, an outburst expressed on every front that's both thunderous and intimate. These simultaneous gushes efficiently maintains a tight grip as the rhythm section, having previously toned things down a knot, steadily regains in intensity. "Sunbringer" on the other hand is an instrumental post-metal "ballad". It sets a melancholic tone, amplified by the varying guitar nuances, and effectively acts like the intro to "Within The Ages". A heavy ambience continues to overcast the composition. The blistering start of the song resembles a storm in the open sea, abruptly interrupted by a ray of sunlight. For about 2', the dead calm drifts the listener over gloomy waters as the spirit of the guitars retrieves the nuances of "Sunbringer" for one final time. The waves of angouish crash as the sax solo dances on the surface; the vocals shift back from painstacking cleans to tormented screams until they become layered again, adding further to the feeling of going under, all while the instrumentation continues feeding the crest. The result is rupturing, almost cathartic, as the listener is washed ashore. The title track closes the EP in the most fitting way, serving as a cleansing -and by extension the exodus of an ancient Greek tragedy.

The base of "Keres" is pure and unbridled emotion. Much like any ancient Greek tragedy, it aspires to create feelings of uneasiness and relatability for the listener. Aristotle defines tragedy as being a complete work, with a start and an end, harmonious and continuous, achieving through pity (for the person the listener relates to) and fear (that this same fate never befalls them), the desired absolution, ergo the cleansing of the soul. This is exactly what this EP aims for; utilizing the many inspirations of Euphrosyne leaders, Efi Eva and Alex Despotidis, "Keres" boasts not just a wide range of influences, but also produces an abundance of emotions at any given time. The way the compositions are built proudly showcases their deep understanding of soulful songwriting and makes this first work memorable. "Keres" explores a wide soundscape and goes beyond a plain ambitious effort; Euphrosyne have their claws out and if that's the first sample of their combined talent and expertise in that genre, I can't wait for the full-length.


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