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The second chapter in our festival pilgrimage for 2022 is about our beloved Vainstream Rockfest. For the first time, Vainstream takes place over two weekends and boasts amazing lineups in each day. While conflicts and overlapping isn't usually that bad over this festival in particular, we are still going to provide our readers with a thorough list of 10 bands they shouldn't miss in any way if they attend both dates. 

Here we go.

* W1 = Weekend 01, 25/6
   W2 = Weekend 02, 2/7

01. Boysetsfire

We are biased when it comes to Boysetsfire and very proud of the fact. Also confirmed for the opening night on June 24th, they are no strangers to the festival having already graced Vainstream's stage on multiple occasions over the years. Always emotive and oozing with compassion, the band is creating a wholesome experience for anyone involved, while vocalist Nathan Gray is prone to make impactful speeches between songs -if you were present at the band's 2018 performance, you know exactly what we're talking about (if not, click here).

When: W1, Murder Redrum stage
Where: 20:25-21:15

02. Turnstile

You know by now that we are not keen to adding the same bands more than once in these lists BUT hear us out; Turnstile is the best band if their generation and, despite playing in broad daylight, their show will be one of the highlights of weekend 2.

When: W2, 16:35-17:25
Where: Murder Redrum stage

03. The Rumjacks

Another band we can't be objective about. Over the past year and a half, the Rumjacks have rediscovered their sound, and the addition of Mike Rivkees has led them through a very productive period. Their shows are equally fun, and will make even bystanders wanting to dance to their catchy celtic punk melodies.

When: W2, 22:45-23:30
Where: Green Hell club stage 

04. Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns are the real MVP of the festival, being the only band to appear on both weekends, on the same stage AND at around the same time each day. The Californian outfit is teasing new music and, if we're being honest, we have missed vocalist Jesse Barnett's sermons on stage. And singing our hearts out to their huge singalongs, of course.

When: 18:40-19:30 (W1), 18:25-19:15 (W2)
Where: Murder Redrum stage


05. Fever 333

No words can describe the complete and utter chaos that the Fever 333 performances are. If you don't know what you'll be dealing with, there will be musicians jumping and climbing in potentially dangerous heights, insane moshpits and frontman Jason Aalon undergoing a truly cathartic experience.

When: W2, 17:30-16:20
Where: EMP stage

06. The Offspring

The band that has raised two generations and doesn't seem to be slowing down. The Offspring is responsible for some of the biggest anthems of mainstream punk rock and general alternative culture of the past (almost 30) years, and a brand name associated with teenage rebellion. It would be safe to say that the setlist will be overflowing with fan-favorite hits, igniting waves of nostalgia through and through.

When: W1, 21:20-22:30
Where: EMP stage

07. Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean underwent dramatic changes over the past few months but it seems like no hardship can break them. While preparing to celebrate a decade of "Dear G-d", the band in their recent singles appears to return to their less experimenting roots. It's hard not to look up previous setlists to be a little more prepared for the show, but we embrace surprises.

When: W1, 11:45-12:15
Where: Murder Redrum stage

08. Thrice

Another classic band whose music never, ever disappoints. While our teenage souls are forever twined to "Vheissu", we are definitely looking forward to their exquisite performance and waves of sentimentality.

When: W2, 14:55-15:40
Where: Murder Redrum stage

09. Wargasm

There's really not much to say about Wargasm. The band is breaking bigger as they go and with good reason. From their explosive energy to their DGAF attitude to their "controversial" moments (who can forget that nip slip at the HMAs that broke Twitch?), the duo is a much needed breath of fresh air in the punk scene. Having already caught them on a couple of occasions, we can vouch for their fully energetic performances.

When: W2, 19:00-19:45
Where: Green Hell club stage


Lionheart: We have a big love for Lionheart and their groovy noise. Their stage presence is so imposing that they can easily attract non-hardcore fans who will stick around out of curiosity.

Laura Jane Grace: Also known as the frontperson of Against Me!, Laura released her debut solo record in 2020. A charismatic personality, whose musicianship is well known through her artistic endeavors.

Get The Shot: Or, "how accidents can happen". The Canadians are a powerhouse to be reckoned with, and we have no doubt that vocalist Jean-Philippe Lagacé will either constantly invite people to stagedive or spend the majority of the set on the barrier, sharing the mic with fans. 

10.  Counterparts

Counterparts is scheduled to open the EMP stage on the first weekend and while it would probably be an unusual sight (and a little heavy emotional toll-wise) to witness their crushing performance so early, we know the Canadians got game despite the circumstances. The quintet has recently revealed a  new single and it seems they're tighter than ever. Be warned, Brendan Murphy and co. didn't come to play, they came to slay.

When: W1, 10:15-10:45
Where: EMP stage

Vainstream Rockfest 2022 takes place in Muenster, Germany.

25.06.2022 Vainstream Rockfest 2022 I Weekend One *SOLD OUT*
02.07.2022 Vainstream Rockfest 2022 I Weekend Two

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