Deserted Fear launch first single and video for “Part Of The End”; “Doomsday” album pre-order starts today

With “Part Of The End” DESERTED FEAR present the first single and video from their upcoming album “Doomsday”, which will be released on March 4th, 2022, via Century Media Records.

For the video shoot they hired the talented Mirko Witzki from Witzki Visions who filmed and directed the clip for “Part Of The End”, which you can check out below:

DESERTED FEAR commented about the experience they made while shooting the video:

Fabian: "What a cool video shoot! The first single of an album is always something special and so we once again went on an adventure that will definitely stay in our memories. The day in the mine was not only a lot of fun, but also made you think."

Simon: "The reference to the everyday life of these workers has been gradually slipping into oblivion in Western society since the beginning of the 21st century. We can no longer imagine the catastrophic conditions under which people still work in Asia and the global South to achieve our prosperity."

Mahne: "Working in the mines was dangerous and the miners had to be able to rely on each other, because sometimes their lives depended on each other. It was all the more interesting to see how the miners were still on fire for mining and the effort they put into volunteering at the Recklinghausen training mine. The way everyone helped during the shoot was also a living example of the cohesion of old miners!"

DESERTED FEAR’s brand-new masterpiece was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band’s very own Fabian Hildebrandt at Eisensound Studio and “Doomsday” consists of two intro tracks and nine powerful melodic death songs with the following track-listing:


Part Of The End

Idols Of Triumph

Follow The Light That Blinds

Fall From Grace

At Its End

Reborn Paradise

The One Desire

Call Of Emptiness

Voices Of Fire



The album’s first-pressing Ltd. CD Digipak edition comes with a special drink coaster and the previously released singles “Funeral Of The Earth” and “Artifacts Of The Black Rain” as bonus tracks. The album’s LP editions comes on 180g vinyl, with a Gatefold sleeve and including an A2-sized poster. These are the available variants and limitations for the LP format:

Ltd. Gatefold black LP & Poster - Unlimited

Ltd. Gatefold dark green LP & Poster - 300x copies via CM Distro & Webshop Europe

Ltd. Gatefold transp. light blue LP & Poster - 300x copies via EMP      

Ltd. Gatefold Colored Re-Vinyl LP & Poster – 300x copies via Band

The pre-order for “Doomsday” starts today, so make sure to get your copy of the album and also listen to the digital version of the new song/s here.

Starting with the release of “Doomsday” in March 2022, DESERTED FEAR will play a run of exclusive album release shows throughout Germany. See below for the exact dates and make sure to secure your tickets!

DESERTED FEAR – “Doomsday” Album Release Tour:

03.03.2022 Hamburg (Germany) - Logo + Nyktophobia

04.03.2022 Cottbus (Germany) - Gladhouse + Nyktophobia

05.03.2022 Jena (Germany) - F-Haus + Nyktophobia

06.03.2022 Essen (Germany) - Turock + Nyktophobia

10.03.2022 Nürnberg (Germany) - Z-Bau + Hailstone

11.03.2022 Göttingen (Germany) - Exil + Hailstone

12.03.2022 Wiesbaden (Germany) - Schlachthof + Hailstone

13.03.2022 Köln (Germany) - Volta + Hailstone

18.03.2022 Lörrach (Germany) - Altes Wasserwerk

19.03.2022 Aalen (Germany) - Rock It

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