Review || Silent Planet - "Iridescent"

 Silent Planet returns with a brand new album titled "Iridescent" on November 12th 2021 via UNFD. If I'm being honest, my relationship with Silent Planet is kinda circumstantial; while I keep an eye out for what they release and am quite familiar with their music, at the same time I can't say I follow them consistently. It's also a band I've never managed to see live (and no, livestreams don't count), something I hope I'll be able to change post-pandemic. But anyway, back to the album. 

Containing 12 songs, it's the band's fourth full length. If there's one word to describe "Iridescent", that would definitely be "intensity". The songs flow seamlessly, fusing the technical riffage, the progressive elements, the dramatic cleans, the hopeless screams and the crushing breakdowns -oh those breakdowns. The listener is enveloped in the atmosphere of the sonic landscapes, going through the ebbs and flows like a puppet in the skillful hands of the puppet master. The growth of the band both as performers and songwriters is remarkable , as they unleash some of their most well-rounded tunes to date.

The passion that is poured these compositions together is nothing but evident, as we explore along with the band some of their heaviest nuances, and of course Garrett Russell's poignant lyricism binds everything together. From social commentary, translated through the pummeling ("Panopticon", "Alive, As A Housefire"), to transcending spirituality ("Translate The Night") to inner turmoil ("Second Sun", "Terminal", "Iridescent"), the gripping use of metaphors combined with the blistering raw emotions, Russell's ingenuity shines. 

With "Iridescent", Silent Planet reaches a new high; they brought forth their unparalleled musicianship, creating a metalcore album that can (and will, in my humble opinion) rightfully stand among the top releases of the year. It's captivating, it's confident, it's personal and relatable; the Californian outfit definitely outdid themselves with this endeavor, crafting a cathartic experience through and through. 


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