Live Review || Don Broco @ Brixton Academy, London (06/11/2021)

2021 is the year of Don Broco. Despite going through the ebbs and flows of the pandemic, the band was invited to headline Slam Dunk festival, released their latest, critically acclaimed album "Amazing Things" in October and was able to perform a string of club shows, marking some sort of return to normalcy. On November 5 & 6, Don Broco performed two consecutive shows at Brixton Academy in London and I was able to attend the second, sold out performance. Needless to say that I was incredibly excited to see Broco again.

You can always tell that a show is going to be good by the dedication of the people in attendance. Fans were more than eager to welcome the band, singing along at the top of their lungs to every single song in the setlist, which managed to keep a great balance between the new and older material. If I could describe the show in one word, it would be insanity. The energy in the room was intoxicating, with Broco being at the top of their game (excellent lightshow too), and people responding to the cues of the band. I'm fairly certain that moshing and crowdsurfing were forbidden but that never stopped people from going off -I think I also spotted a Spider-man crowdsurfing at some point! And of course no Broco show is complete without the push-up squad. The setlist ended with "T-Shirt Song", and the usual image of the crowd waiving their shirts in the air. 

I'm not gonna lie, the realization that we used to take tours and shows for granted hit me very hard in the beginning of the pandemic. I am hopeful though that the spaces we come together to celebrate life and music and be ourselves, will not shut their doors again soon.

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