Memphis May Fire reveals new single "Somebody"

US rock band Memphis may Fire have spent the last few months delighting their loyal fan base with a number of new tracks , all of which were released through their longtime label Rise Records / BMG. Today the band continues the trend and releases the new single "Somebody".

The song captivates with crisp rock riffs, crackling electronics and a chorus that thunders directly in the ear:

"We always want to push the boundaries of what people think of MMF and 'Somebody' is no exception," explains frontman Matty Mullins. "From the second we finished the track, it became an absolute favorite for everyone in our warehouse. So it has been REALLY hard to keep it a secret until now."

He continues, "The text is blatantly about substance abuse and addiction, so we wanted to use this release to highlight a nonprofit that is doing an amazing job fighting addiction here in Nashville. We're going to get 100% of the proceeds of the 'Hand." Donate t-shirts to the Nashville Rescue Mission in our online merch store. " The NRM gives hope for today, hope for tomorrow and hopefully also hope for eternity to the starving, homeless and injured by providing meals, safe housing and clothing, as well as support and long-term assistance to those living with homelessness, drug abuse or facing alcohol addiction or a host of other life changing challenges.

Earlier this year two explosive songs were released - "Blood & Water" and "Death Inside." The riff feast "Bleed Me Dry" followed immediately. "Blood & Water" is one of the fastest growing hits in the world The band's career. The song was accompanied by a stunning video and landed on the SiriusXM Octane network. Revolver called it a "return to form" and noted that the song had an "absurdly melodic lead lick that ran through the." chugging breakdowns like a hot knife cuts through butter. "Death Inside" reminded the fans of the tonal strength of the band and showed why Memphis May Fire are still one of the figureheads of the scene. In total, the three new tracks reached 13.9 million streams on all platforms. Each release of a song was accompanied by a charity t-shirt.

Memphis May Fire recently hit a string of tour dates with Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach.

Throughout their career, the band has channeled the fears, frustration and pain of an entire generation with a concentrated mix of gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression. Even after topping the Billboard Hard Music Albums chart, making an album debut at # 4 on the Billboard Top 200, and breaking into the radio's Active Rock Top 20, Memphis May Fire refuses to sacrifice what they are, or the people that they created.

Memphis May Fire toured with a long list of major rock and metal bands including Killswitch Engage, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Sevendust and Atreyu. They co-headlined Yellowcard and The Devil Wears Prada, performed regularly on the Warped Tour and at major rock festivals. The ongoing relevance of the band's six albums to date is testament to the strong bond between the band and their audience. Songs like "Miles Away", "No Ordinary Love", "Beneath the Skin" and "Carry On" have 100 million views and millions of streams.

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