Raw Plastic release two-song single "Handle With Care"

Credit: Dawid Graczyk

Polish duo Raw Plastic have shared "Handle With Care", a brand new two-song-single via indie labels New Morality Zine (USA) and Peleton Records (Europe). The duo has also revealed a video clip for the title track and a lyric video for the B-side "Daydreaming":

Music Video for "Handle With Care"

Lyric Video for "Daydreaming"

"'Handle With Care' is about discrimination and the lack of openness and kindness between people. Our attempt to address these issues was triggered by all the racist and anti-LGBTQ+ expressions we perceive around us. The B-side, "Daydreaming," is a gentle love letter to the feeling of longing for better days, heavily inspired by the British shoegaze and Brit-pop wave," the band comments.

Raw Plastic prove that a lockdown also holds opportunities. The isolation allowed them to conceive several tracks in best LoFi manner. Seb Polus and Bastian Najdek mix different inspirations like 90s emo, surf rock, shoegaze and post-hardcore and unite them with their longing for a more carefree time. The influences of the Poles are bands like Wavves, Cloud Nothings,Title Fight or NOothing. Among others, Jesse Barnett, singer of the hardcore trailblazers Stick To Your Guns, admitted to be a fan of Raw Plastic.

At the end of 2020, they released a first two-song promo with the tracks "Car Parks and Recreation" and "Hazy"  In March this year they released the EP "Waiting Till Summer" via New Morality Zine (USA), Peleton Records (Europe) and Native Vision Records (Asia).




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