Modern Error Release New Single "A Vital Sign"

 Modern Error have today released a new single, following on from the recent release of the soaring "Error of the World" - "A Vital Sign" is "meant to be as if searching for an answer in love, and questioning all that love is; Feeling as if the world has changed you to now misunderstand its intention and meaning", explains Zak Pinchin. "With a world shifting, so are people's needs and I think that raises a question of Modern love in a modern world: Do we love or do we just love to be loved? A vital sign was made to search what I felt on this subject and expose my thoughts on it..".

The video also once again features 'flowerface' - "a person hidden behind a mask of surface level beauty in order to cope within a real life setting". "We follow flowerface and see him begin a trajectory of broken heart syndrome as he loses his own idea of love in his heightened modern world".

Unashamedly drawing inspiration from the cinematic work of Kubrick and Aaronofsky, the philosophical cut and thrust of Nietzsche and beyond. An all-too-rare commitment to the idea that art can stand for something bigger than itself. Combine that with a superlative blend of stadium-bothering rock and post-punk abrasiveness and it is clear that Modern Error are, in almost every conceivable way, a band tailor made for our times.

The Brothers Pinchin, Zak (Vocals) and Kel (Guitar), very much big picture thinkers themselves, have a desire for Modern Error to "make a statement about how we view the state of the world".

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