UNFD Welcome Moodring To Roster And Re-Issue 'Showmetherealyou' Ep With Bonus Single

 Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Moodring mark the latest brood to join the UNFD roster. An intriguing mix of alt-rock, shoegaze, grunge and nu-metal sensibilities, frontman Hunter Young describes how the band's name acts effectively as a disclaimer for this group's ethos.

“Moodring is not easily defined; our sound can and will change, morph and evolve, even across the course of a single song. Our identity is genre-fluid” reveals Hunter.

 “Lyrically, Moodring is pure teenage angst” he adds, speaking of deeply personal vignettes which hint at toxic relationships and cycles of abuse; “When people contact me via the Moodring page and tell me something like, “I relate to this”, I legitimately feel bad for them. I’m like, “Fuck, I’m sorry, I really wish you didn’t.” But, in my experience, that is how human beings relate to each other, through misery".

 Today's signing announcement, which comes shortly after recent US signings including Hollow Front, Vatican and Sleep Waker, coincides with UNFD's re-issuing of Moodring's recent EP, "Showmetherealyou". Co-produced by Young at his home studio, the re-release comes with the addition of a bonus single 'Empty Me Out'. 

“'Empty Me Out' is about cannibalism" explains Hunter. "The lyrics were inspired by the character Gluttony from an Anime series, 'Full Metal Alchemist', who has an insatiable hunger, I found that concept really intriguing. Musically, the track is darker too, and stems from the heavier side of Moodring, showcasing how our sound cannot be easily defined or categorised".

Rather than Anime, its brand new music video, channels 80’s Hollywood, taking inspiration from the cult classic vampire film The Lost Boys. 

About Moodring:

Forged in a furnace of experience, experimentation and existential crisis, Moodring is an entity orbiting a lone, core ambition: to create music with no ceiling.

“I grew up on the alternative bands of the 1990s,” says frontman Hunter Young; “No matter what new interests might come and go, I am forever drawn back to the classic albums of that era; they feel larger than life, not bound to a fad or trend – timeless. That’s what we aspire to with our band, to create songs that can transcend any scene.”

Between them, the members of Moodring – Young, guitarist Sean Dolich, drummer Lindy Harter and bassist Kalan Blehm – have a musical rap sheet longer than any of them care to recall. Yet, despite all this musical promiscuity, it wasn’t until May of 2019 that they finally found the vehicle that could carry forth their most authentic creative selves.

“We were searching for the sound in our heads,” says Hunter. “In modern life, we all struggle to stop, to be still; I know that there are few things that can hold my attention for very long. But when we are writing music for Moodring, we feel a different level of focus. Once we’d tapped the right vein, the sound just started to gush from us.”

Moodring’s Eureka moment came with ‘Gasoline’. A driving slab of rhythm guitars and atmospheric leads topped by moody, ethereal vocals, the song freed the dragon Hunter had been chasing. And, cage unlocked, the songs which comprise debut EP Showmetherealyou burst forth – Moodring was born.

Moodring is: Hunter Young (vocals/guitar), Sean Dolich (guitar/BV), Lindy Harter (drums) and Kalan Blehm (bass). Showmetherealyou is out now via UNFD. 

"Showmetherealyou" Tracklist:

1. Show Me The Real You

2. Come And Go (feat. Dominick Fox)

3. Prozac

4. Gasoline

5. Young Love

6. Now I’m Lost

7. Empty Me Out

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