DARE drops "Violation of Trust"

 As they look ahead to Friday’s release of their Revelation Records debut "Against All Odds", Orange County Straight Edge band DARE have unveiled the album’s third and final single — the stomping, grooving “Violation of Trust.”

DARE specialize in an intense sound that is as deliciously fierce as it is infectious.  Within the first few seconds of Against All Odds, it’s clear that DARE will continue Southern California’s reputation as a breeding ground for superb hardcore punk.

From a lyrical perspective, "Against All Odds" is a profoundly personal record for vocalist Angel Garcia that finds him facing up to the brutality that minorities have increasingly have faced in America in recent years. “For the last 3 years, I lived in a place where I felt uncomfortable simply for the color of my skin, and the toll it had on me was something I didn’t know I had until I moved away. There’s a song called ‘All I See…’ that is pretty much about that and the perpetuation against my people and others alike. It’s a feeling like you don’t have a voice after seeing the constant violence against, and unjust killings, of people of color.”

With "Against All Odds" finally hitting stores, there’s no question Garcia and DARE are comfortable in their skin. “We’re not afraid to sound a little out there and do our own thing, and we never have been. We represent the Straight Edge and all the people of color out there. Everything this band is would be nothing without our friends and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Pre-orders are available for "Against All Odds" here.

"Against All Odds" track listing:

1.  OC Slam

2.  V.O.T.

3.  Never Yours

4.  Different Method

5.  Synthetic Love

6.  Neglect

7.  Dare2be

8.  Better Off

9.  Hard to Cope

10.  All I See…

11.  Fed Up

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