Review || Paradise Now - "We Never Die"

 British trio Paradise Now is releasing their new album, "We Never Die", on July 30th 2021, their first on new label Tooth & Nail. I must admit that this style of music is not very close to the noise I usually listen to, but there was something special enough to make me give the album a second spin.

Reading a little about them helped me understand the hybrid nature of this record a little better. There is a nice balance between the heavier guitars, electronic sounds and upbeat tempos. If I'm being honest I am naturally more inclined towards the more familiar sounds of -core(-ish) riffs and overall grit, which feel a little more dynamic. I really love certain moments that remind me of the calmer side of bands like Acres, which can hit the listener both with the emotive instrumental and the crushing vocal performance -I think there's even a Sam Carter-esque tone on the vocals at times- and the anthemic choruses. Of course it would be unfair to dismiss the ambient aspect so easily; Paradise Now use the electro elements mostly as segues in the verses, where the underlying instrumentation subliminally builds tension between the intros and the choruses. While the tracklisting of "We Never Die" is quite unpredictable, "Monsters" definitely takes the cake. The track features Fit For A King vocalist Ryan Kirby, who embellishes the otherwise electro-pop song with some of his trademark screams. That was clever. 

Overall, "We Never Die" is an interesting album that can attract a wider audience. The heavier spectrum Paradise Now explores goes beyond plain "pop rock" or "alt rock" and the compositions proudly showcase a variety of influences, a byproduct of the band's Welsh upbringing in diverse music scenes. The songs are vibrant and catchy, nimbly combining the best of the electronic and rock worlds, making the album a stunning effort.

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