Memphis May Fire reveals new video for the single "Death Inside"

Credit: Alex Maksymowics


Last month, Memphis May Fire - Matty Mullins (vocals), Kellen McGregor (guitar), Cory Elder (bass) and Jake Garland (drums) - came up with the explosive hymn "Blood & Water". The cracking track quickly garnered 5.5 million global streams and over a million views of the video. Calling it a "return to form," Revolver noted that the song comes up with an "absurdly melodic lead lick that cuts through the chugging breakdowns like a hot knife through butter."

Today follows with "Death Inside", another new song via Rise Records / BMG. After a year without live concerts, the matching music video is an effective and direct reminder of the band's live energy and presence.

"'Death Inside' is a new flavor for MMF," explains Mullins. "I wanted to get out of my comfort zone with the vocals and I found a sound that I think fits the concept very well. The song is about the fear of death and the decision to be eaten up by it or life We donate 100 percent of the profits of a new t-shirt in our merch store to one of my favorite nonprofits called Living the Dream. LTD helps children and young adults living with life threatening diseases stay positive, to maintain hope and cherish every single day regardless of their suffering. " You can find the merchandise shop here.

Throughout their careers, Memphis May Fire have channeled the fear, frustration and pain of an entire generation with a focused mix of gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression. Even after topping the Billboard Hard Music Albums chart, making an album debut at # 4 on the Billboard Top 200, and breaking into the radio's Active Rock Top 20, Memphis May Fire refuses to sacrifice who they are or the people who are they created.

A new era is dawning for the band, one that is characterized by revitalization and renewal. Stripped down to their core elements, Memphis May Fire, back to the days when they made the music their fans loved most, rekindled the spark inside to create an inferno of riffs and inspirational words. They have returned to their roots and have brought the necessary polish through years of touring and making music together. "Blood & Water" is positive proof of this.

Memphis May Fire toured with a long list of major rock and metal acts including Killswitch Engage, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Sevendust and Atreyu. You've co-headlined with Yellowcard and The Devil Wears Prada, performed regularly on the Warped Tour and at major rock festivals. The ongoing relevance of the band's six albums to date is testament to the energetic connection between the band and their audience. Songs like "Miles Away", "No Ordinary Love", "Beneath the Skin" and "Carry On" stand for 100 million views and millions of streams.

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