DUCHAMP feat. Ingo Donot Announce Album Pre-Order, Release New Single

 With their new band DUCHAMP, Ingo Knollmann from Donots and three longtime musician friends from bands like Adam Angst, The Robocop Kraus or Schrottgrenze fulfill a long-cherished dream. The debut album of the prominent collective, called "Slingshot Anthems," adopts the influences of hardcore punk of the 80s and 90s and conjures up a record that never sounds out of time and builds a bridge between then and now.

The enthusiasm this project generates among enthusiasts is perhaps best shown by the fact that many of the pioneers of the here idolized sound are themselves as guests on board: Hardcore veterans like Jason Shevchuk from Kid Dynamite and None More Black, Brian McTernan from Battery and Be Well contribute to "Slingshot Anthems" as well as punk heroes Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, Down By Law) and Stephen Egerton (Descendents, All). Pre-orders are available 

Pressing Information

End Hits Records Version

55x Doublemint Green + Silkscreen Cover (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Neon Green w/ Black Splatter (End Hits Exclusive)
250x Electric Blue / Transparent Orange (End Hits Exclusive)
100x White (Indie Store Edition)

Solitary Man Records Version

55x Doublemint Green + Silkscreen Cover (Solitary Man Exclusive)
100x Neon Orange w/ Black Splatter (Solitary Man Exclusive)
250x Orange in Electric Blue (Solitary Man Exclusive)

100x Gold (Coretex Exclusive)

20x Testpress

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