Review || Superlove - "...But For the Moment" EP

  Bristol's Superlove have just released their latest EP, titled "...But For The Moment" via Rude Records. The band wrote this EP during lockdown, and while for some the period was all about self-reflection and adjustment, for others it was a great opportunity to create. Taking advantage of the situation they were faced with in the UK, instead of letting it affect their mood, Superlove pushed their artistic boundaries to craft something fun and enjoyable, both for themselves and also for the listeners. Despite their plans for an LP getting hindered, "...But For The Moment", for the moment, does a very good job preparing the ground.

Consisting of four original songs and a remix, it is a wonderful sonic experiment. Superlove fuses indie and pop pop (yes, two pops) punk elements with more ambient sounds and aren't shy to pay homage to some of their heavier influences either. Take the single "btw i adore u" for example. When I first listened to it, I had the tab open doing something else. Upon hearing the first notes, I had to double check that it was still Superlove playing and that Spiritbox hadn't hijacked the page. As the composition unfolded, the stark contrast between the intro and the verse was exquisite. Similarly, "Not Me! Not You!" flirts with nu metal/industrial-ish tones but still retains a unique, uplifting character.

Overall "...But For The Moment" is a very interesting EP. Superlove proves that taking risks especially this early in your career can be very important in order to further explore your sound and potential. The EP is very cleverly made and totally worth your time as a fix before the full length comes.

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