Review || Amenra - “De Doorn

 Amenra’s 20-plus years of atmospheric and emotive unique sound has left an indelible mark on heavy metal and more specifically on sludge music. “De Doorn” is the brand new  5-track album from the Belgian veterans following up the excellent run of the  six studio albums titled “Mass”. Something I want to point out before proceeding to the further review of the album is the fact that “De Doom” marks their  first release to be sung entirely in Flemish, a dialect cluster of the Dutch language and the first time the band work together with the American label of Relapse Records.

The album starts with an “Amenra signature” song called “Ogentroost”. Four minutes of slow psychedelic guitar intro lead you to a painful down tempo heavy part with Colin’s characteristic screams which, in combination with the extremely distorted guitars sound, leave you paralyzed. “De Dood In Bloei” follows up, a fully atmospheric and calm track which is accompanied by a recitation about sorrow and death. The next one titled “De Evenmens” is the most melodic song of the album and my personal favorite one. Although the language is incomprehensible and definitely needs translation in order to understand the lyrics, their music conveys uninterrupted emotions throughout the song. “Het Gloren” brings out a nostalgic feeling with dozens of melodic - dark riffs and ends with the heaviest three minutes of the album. The masterpiece called “Voor Immer” is the perfect epilogue of the record, a song that was featured as the second promo single earlier this month and was accompanied by an outstanding worth-seeing psychedelic animation video. 

 Emotional, stormy, painful and redemptive; Amenra continue to create their own incomparable art and “De Doorn” is another worthy addition to their exceptional discography.

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