Review || Of Mice & Men - "Bloom" EP

There's nothing new to write that I haven't already written about Of Mice & Men's recent works. A brand new EP, titled "Bloom", drops on May 28th and it validates even further the band's talent and capabilities. Maybe it was the transition to a new home (SharpTone Records), maybe it was the coming of age and staying true to your roots, but one thing's for sure; OMAM was able to do one of the most notable 180 in the scene without crashing and burning. 

I am completely biased when it comes to OMAM's discography, considering "The Flood" a seminal metalcore album which still holds a certain impact, almost a decade later. The experimentation between the third album and "EARTHANDSKY" never fully grew on me even though I understood what the band was trying to achieve. I am beyond happy to see the sound I became so accustomed to has new foundations to expand beyond the conventional boundaries of the genre, not because I'm selfish (which, OK, I am to an extent) but because OMAM feels right in their element. Opener "Levee" confidently navigates the sea of -core neck-breaking (and rather nostalgic) ferocity and still keeps a beautiful balance with the cleaner melodic parts. The single "Bloom" acts as a bridge between the various eras of the band and, despite its chagrined lyrical context, it's far from overwhelming. Closing track "Pulling Teeth" is a ruthless barrage of soaring riffage, pulverizing drums and heavy breakdowns, bound together by big choruses. I've said it before, I'll say it again; OMAM is on a linear trajectory and can only shine brighter at this point.

If you ever wondered who's keeping the metalcore spirit alive in 2021, the answer is none other than Of Mice & Men. The Californian outfit have shed their baggage and are finally ready to finally reign supreme. Returning to their roots has proven to be a very smart move and there's no doubt we are witnessing a majestic rebirth. The quartet is at the top of their game, stronger than ever, and if these recent EPs are a mere prequel of what they have in store for this new chapter with SharpTone, I have no doubt the full length will be absolutely astonishing.

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