Hacktivist Release New Version of "Reprogram"

 UK grime-metal quintet Hacktivist have revealed a new take on their single 'Reprogram', originally released in 2019. The new version, which features on their eagerly anticipated album "Hyperdialect", sees Hacktivist's new line-up put a fresh spin and shine on their earlier material, with new instrumentation throughout. Check out the new recording of 'Reprogram' below. "Hyperdialect" will be released on June 18th via UNFD (pre-order here).

Co-vocalist Jot Maxi comments: "There’s a double meaning to this one. Society needs reprogrammed, Hacktivist has been reprogrammed, so if you’re listening and you’re vibing out to it, have a little think about what you might need to do in your own life to reprogram – to make yourself like yourself better, or to have less regret. Society needs a reboot, our band has had a reboot, so why don’t you? At the same time, it’s got this little science fiction story within it, about a future that breaks down and actually needs reprogrammed from zero. In an ideal world, hopefully, we will have all reprogrammed before anything like that happens to us for real". 

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