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When Waves Collide are a pretty fresh band formed in 2017 by four French musicians in Paris. Their sound resembles acts such as Tides From Nebula, Russian Circles and Lost In Kiev, which should give you some indication of what to expect from them. Although they have been in the scene only for a few years, their instrumental, post rock is beautifully constructed and is perfectly enhanced by an excellent production. So if you are a fan of all of the above the best thing you could do right now is get their new album “Chasm “ playing while reading  this review.

This thematic album concludes the story of a civilization at the edge of collapsing. It starts in a perfect way with “The Fallen” song, full of melodic guitar leads. These melodies combined with a wonderful sound is the key that will catch the eye of every fan of the genre. I have to admit that I really loved that intro and the way it pushes you to that mysterious part in 03:10. The instruments are clear and playful and the next song “Cataclysm” showcases that perfectly.  I personally consider it as the best of  the album. Its dark main riff reminds me a lot of  Russian Circles’ vibe and the part that comes out in around 3:00 is simply redemptive. The next song is the heavier of “Chasm” and is called "Dark Matter". Came out on April 9th as the band's latest single and it was accompanied by an amazing animation video and I could characterize it as the anthem of the album. The video shows a woman waking up in the middle of nowhere but knowing exactly where to go. She mystically follows her path and travels through an unknown world until she finds the end of it, the dark matter; It’s definitely worth a look. “Chimera” and “Omen” songs follow in a different pattern. The keyboards take on a more prominent role, making the result softer than the previews tracks. The climax comes around the fourth minute of “Omen” with a storm of melodies from both the guitars and the keys. The last two-minute outro song “Stranding” is electro-post in a way, as it is performed only with keys and some guitar riffs. I would say it was a bit disappointing as a finale but only because it predisposes you for something else to follow.

Overall, the album is great and especially as a first full length. I will definitely give it many more spins and I  look forward to hearing WWC’s  next step in discography. I'm glad I found a fresh and  promising band in the post rock genre.

"Chasm" is available on April 23 2021 via Antigony records.

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