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Athens hardcore collective KIN CORRUPTION are proud to announce today the impending release of their debut full-length album, titled “KCHC”, due out May 7th 2021. The songs were recorded and mixed by Kostas Katsantonis at NoMad Studio in Athens and mastered by George Nerantzis.

The first ideas for the composition started coming together at the band's rehearsal space at the time, in Piraeus, where they would spend multiple hours every day. “It's been a long time since then, we have encountered and overcome several hardships, but we never stopped planning the creation of this album and working tirelessly on our material in order to reach completion”, KIN CORRUPTION comments. “We are very happy and proud to finally be able to share our songs with everyone in the form of our first full-length, 'KCHC'”.

Further to the announcement, the band has also released the video for the second single, “THIRD LAW”. Lyrically, the track deals with bullying, which has been a major concern of theirs for a while. “We firmly believe that addressing bullying is an efficient way to help fight against it”, the band notes. “The greatest responsibility in those cases lies on the beholders, who may witness certain situations and still refuse to act up. When someone isn't vocal about it, doesn't do something about it, doesn't speak up or fight, doesn't acknowledge it and doesn't criticize it, they essentially allow the perpetrators to multiply and get away with their actions. We are standing against bullying in any kind, shape and form”.

Regarding the title of the song, KIN CORRUPTION continues; “The title is inspired by Newton's third law of motion, that every action exerts an equal reaction. We want its message to be spread and to motivate people to react, to speak up and to be heard”.

The song also features a guest, STYLIANOS SIOKOS. The band said the following about the collaboration; “On 'THIRD LAW' we invited our dear friend, STYLIANOS SIOKOS, whom we respect and admire as a musician, to add his personal touch with a guitar solo and we think he did a great job”.

The album is available for pre-order and pre-save here.

KCHC” tracklisting:

  1. 2014

  2. Reprisal

  3. Brothers (feat. Devrim “Defnight”)

  4. Nube Negra

  5. Bottom of The Well (feat. Dimitris Georgakopoulos of Slowheart)

  6. First To Lust

  7. I Will Not Break

  8. Third Law (feat. Stylianos Siokos)

  9. Precious

  10. Cold Call

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